FitBitches in Lake Garda: 15k, 30k or Marathon

Have you been inspired by our runners who recently ran in the Berlin Half Marathon and 25k?

Or have you simply looked at the photographs and thought, ‘Ohh, that looks like a good excuse for a holiday?’

Well, now is your chance to be part of our friendly crew training for our next  international race in the beautiful Lake Garda on October 14th.

What is so fantastic about this race destination (er, aside from the food, the sunny weather, the lake side swimming, the Prosecco, the gelato…ooh, the list goes on) is the fact that there is a race distance to suit all.

Choose from 15k (perfect for those wanting their next challenge after a 10k, or those wanting to focus on improving their speed), 30k (bored of half marathons and looking to see what it feels like to run just a few more miles) and the full marathon, for those who have got the Big M bug.

How does it work? You can either choose a package from the one below, which includes a free training plan and a race t-shirt, or continue to pay for drop in sessions.

In addition, we will be levying a small administrative fee for organising hotels, meals, transfers and more. This will be £20 for those booking a package, £35 for those doing drop ins. (This will rise to £45 from August 1st).

It does not include the cost of flights, transfers or accommodation (although we will arrange all of this except flight bookings).

We have already looked into flights and accommodation and you can budget as follows, although depending on how many book, we may get a discount on hotel rates.

Bed and breakfast, 40euros pp per night

Flights to Verona with Easy Jet, currently under £100 return (Rachael is flying out Thursday EasyJet departure 10am, arriving 1pm. Er, and not coming back until Thursday!)

Transfer to Lake Garda, 40euros return

Race entry 12-25 euros according to race (please bear in mind there is usually a rental fee for the race chip too). WE WILL BE ATTEMPTING TO DO A GROUP RACE ENTRY SO YOU DON’T NEED TO REGISTER YOURSELF UNLESS YOU WANT.

Choose your package (these prices all include the admin fee). The half package can be used against either Wednesday or Sunday runs.

15k Race Ten week training starts w/c 27th August

Half package of 10 runs,  £71

Full package of 19 runs, £107

30k Race 16 Week training starts w/c 2nd July

Half package of 16 runs, £95

Full package of 31 runs, £155

Marathon, 20 week training starts w/c 4th June

Half package of 20 runs, £187

Full package of 39 runs, £111

Alternatively,  you could also book an annual membership, which covers everything but the admin fee (this will be £35 if choosing this option), for the entire year of packages! A bargain at £250.

Registration for Lake Garda opens Monday 11th May. It may be better to wait until registration is confirmed before booking flights although there are so many distances to choose we would assume it will not be a problem.

What do you do now? Email with the following information in this order


Date of Birth:



Estimated finish time: (not sure? 1hr 45 for 15k beginners, 3hrs for 30k beginners, who knows for marathon?!)

Days of arrival/departure if known

How to pay? We will send you our bank details. Registration to the race will not be done until we have received payment.

**Please note, race fees and package fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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