Steady run Sunday. Between 3 mile and 7 mile options.

It may sound mad to some, but a perfect start to a Sunday morning is a steady run with other females who are out to keep up or improve their fitness levels. Sunday is always our longer run. Pace and distance is relative to where you are in your training programme. Our Sunday runs are about helping and motivating you to increase your distance and fitness levels. Nobody gets left behind as our Running Ambassadors are there to support you. We take you on some fantastic training routes that make you really appreciate the local surroundings.

All three distances (3, 4 and 7 miles) start out together, heading from Hove seafront to Hove Park where the 3 mile turns back and the 4 mile route includes a lap of the park which includes some gradient. The longer route of 7 miles takes us up towards Devils Dyke. Perfect terrain for week two of Friston Forest training.

Please leave a comment stating which distance you are planning to do.

Meet: Hove Promenade, behind King Alfred.

When: 8:30am

Lead Coach: Kate 07702983744

Running Ambassador: Melanie Lankester

£5 drop in.


16 responses to “Steady run Sunday. Between 3 mile and 7 mile options.

  1. Hi

    I really want to do 7 miles but I need to be down on seafront setting up two events by 10am, not sure if I’m quick enough!

  2. I’ll be there, 3 miles for me please (I’ll risk 4 if nobody else wants to do 3.)

  3. I ll be there for 7 miles please

  4. I’ll be there for the 4 miles or possibly 7, can’t decide,

  5. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’d like to do the 3 mile please. Thanks. Nicki C

  6. I’ll be there for the 7 miles.
    Sue F

  7. Will be there for Sunday 13th may run – 7 miles, thanks : )

  8. Ill be there, only ever ran for 3 as new to running, but would like to push myself and try for 4 if my legs think the same too that would be great!!!

  9. I am coming for the long run, does anyone want to car share. I am happy to drive, coming from Chester terrace Preston park/5 ways.

  10. Yes please will be there for 7 miles please !

  11. Karen Napleton

    7 miles for me please. Jenny I was planning to drive in from Stanford Ave so happy to take you too. Would anyone else like a lift?

    • It would be great to get a lift, what number are you and what time?
      Thanks jenny

      • Karen Napleton

        Number 52 opp Chester Terrace. 8:10 ok? I could swing by and pick you up though – either, or. Kx

      • Will come to you, thanks so much.

      • Really sorry have fallen down bathroom ceiling emergency to deal with so no running for me! Thanks for the offer of a lift but will be otherwise engaged. Will be there next week!

  12. See you for 7……. Cough allowing!!

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