Improve your running with strength and conditioning. Wednesday 16th May.

Strength and conditioning ‘train’ing the FitBitch way.

Strength and conditioning is a vital part of training for any runner. It will decrease the risk of injury and increase muscular strength and running performance.  As always we acknowledge that our runners are at different levels, so each exercise is adapted accordingly. If you are training for the Friston Forest 10k, Brighton Trailblazer or the South Downs half, then this is a session not to be missed. The exercises are all running specific and will help you get up those hills and recruit the muscles required. If you are new to training and possibly pondering on taking on a challenge in the future, now is the best time to embark on strength and conditioning. Plus it’s an opportunity to workout using the FitBitch handbags!

It is important to leave a comment so I know how many to expect, so I can bring enough equipment.

Meet: Hove Lawns, adjacent to Hove Street South. Parking at King Alfreds.

When: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Ambassador: Melanie Anning

£5 drop in fee.


21 responses to “Improve your running with strength and conditioning. Wednesday 16th May.

  1. Jenny Holmes

    Hi, I’ll be there, thx, Jenny

  2. Melanie Lankester

    I’ll be there!!

  3. Denise Hawes

    I’ll be there. Denise xx

  4. I’ll be there too.

  5. It’s my first time!! Looking forward to it!! 🙂

  6. I’ll be there to work those fb handbags!! Jo x

  7. I’ll be there

  8. me too; handbags at dusk… xtor

  9. I d like to come please . Is it to right if you re looking at King A with back to sea ? Or left next to KA car park ?
    Many thanks

  10. Michelle Doyle

    I’ll be there

  11. I’ll be there . Lindsay

  12. i’ll be there. Kirstie

  13. I’ll be there! innes

  14. Tracey Harwood

    I would like to give it a go! See you there. Thanks Tracey

  15. Michelle Doyle

    Do we need to bring mats and rollers?

  16. Michelle Doyle

    Sorry, won’t be there now. Not feeling to well.

  17. Still stuck at work!!!! Sorry looks unlikely I will make it tonight!!

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