Stanmer Park run. Sunday 20th May.

Even in the rain, there’s always smiles.

We may finally be blessed with some sunshine for our woodland run on Sunday. Stanmer Park is the perfect location to mix up the terrain and vary the distances. Friston Forest runners, this might be your first off road experience and I am certain you’ll be hooked. The scenery is stunning, making you feel completely out of the city. Hills and trail running are an excellent way to condition the muscles and give the joints a rest from the pavement pounding.

For our shorter routes of 3 and 4 miles we have Tor our running ambassador who is always very motivating and has been there as a beginner to hill running not so long ago. I can’t guarantee you’ll be getting a piggy back but Tor will encourage and wait for every runner doing this distance.

The longer route of 7.5 miles is going further towards Ditchling Beacon before back into the park. Both distances do have some flat road and downhill. See, we are considerate to you.

If you can offer or require a lift then please mention it in your comment.

Lead coach: Kate 07702983744

Ambassador: Tor

Meet: car park as you turn immediately left from A27 entrance. (straight after the two houses as you enter the park)

Time: 8:30 am prompt.

Drop in £5


18 responses to “Stanmer Park run. Sunday 20th May.

  1. Tanya Taylor

    I will be there! 🙂

  2. I can offer a lift there and back. Lindsay

  3. Elspeth Hayde

    I’ll be there too. Can offer lifts from Hove.

  4. I’ll be there doing a shorter distance as need to get back to Hove Lawns for Superheroes Run….

  5. Count me in for long run an coming from Preston park ways so am happy to give a lift to anyone nearby. X

  6. Would love to join you for the longer run but am in need of a lift though, I live hove end anyone able to help out ?-ir would be very much appreciated x

    • Elspeth Hayde

      I can give you a lift, send me a message on 07976234073 and we can make arrangements.

      • Ahh thank you very much 🙂 internet is currently down so will text you-let’s hope it stays sunny!

  7. Hi, see you there… definitely no piggy backs though… xt

  8. I’ll be there for this one xx

  9. I’m planning to be there. I love this run.

  10. Hi I’d like to do the shorter run. If poss would love a lift from Hove (Brunswick Square) there but am ok getting home!

  11. I’ll be there for 7.5 miles. Vicky I can pick you up from Brunswick if you want to text me 07941 346558.

  12. I’ll be there for the 4 mile run.

  13. I’ll be there for the 4 mile – I think!!

  14. Karen Napleton

    Love it. See you there for 7.5 x

  15. I’ll be there!

  16. Jenny Holmes

    I’ll be there for a slow 7.5, thanks Jenny

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