Beauty of the Downs run, Sun 27th May

Nothing beats a Sunday run on the Downs

Whether you are new to running or an experienced FitBitcher, nothing beats an early summer run on the Downs on a Sunday morning.

Admittedly, where there are the Downs there are hills but with so much more to look at you don’t notice them as much. Besides, the post-Sunday morning endorphins that last way in to Monday make up for it all.

There will be three distances to choose from this week so please read the blog carefully, and comment where you are going to meet us. If you are running late for a meeting place, or change your mind about coming last-minute please TEXT us (don’t call, I’ll be running!). If we don’t hear from you, and you are not at the designated meeting place we won’t wait.

4mile route – a steady uphill, a beautiful down hill with a final sting in the tail back to your car. Meet the second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road at 8.40am

5mile route – same as above with more of the uphill to start. Meet the FIRST car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, just after the road forks (the right is Saddlescombe Road) at 8.30am

8mile route – This will be an out and back route with quite a few hills but a lovely downhill section for those who want to work on their speed and negative split. Er, or those who just want to catch up in the latter half of the run on what’s going on in Homelands. Meet the FIRST car park on Devil’s Dyke Road at 8.30am.

Parking is free. Where is Devil’s Dyke Road? Here…

Beginner’s Group will be taken by Tor, our fab running ambassador.

Longer route, Rachael 07855 742195

Drop in: £5

If you can offer a lift, please include in your comment. If you have paid for a package please ensure you wear your membership band or you may have to pay again!


27 responses to “Beauty of the Downs run, Sun 27th May

  1. Jenny Holmes

    Hi – I’ll be there for 8 miles. Is the route on mapmyrun? thx Jenny

  2. Denise Hawes

    I’d like to do 4 please

  3. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’d like to do (well, attempt to do) 4 miles please! Happy to give someone North Laines / Seven Dials way a lift. Thanks. Nicki

  4. Hi I’d like to (attempt) 5 miles please and can offer one person a lift from Hove if needs be x

  5. I will do the 4 mile. I can offer a lift to and from hove area. X

  6. Yes please for the 8 but would be very grateful of a lift! Thanks:)

    • Sophia I think you’re in hove? Can pick u up, text me? 07768 946858

      • Ah thank you but foot has gone again only slightly this time so going to rest it.enjoy your run and thanks for the offer, going to be a glorious run enjoy x

  7. I’ll be there for 8 miles

  8. Karen Napleton

    I’m in for 8 miles and I can give a lift to anyone coming from the Preston Park area. Kx …as it’s going to be a sunny morning I might wear shorts and a vest top…

  9. Am up for the long run and will be driving from 5 ways/ Preston park way if anyone wants a lift or to car share. Jenny

  10. Will give the 5 mile a try!

  11. I’m coming … will do the 4mile option
    Thanks, Ginny

  12. Rachael -just wondering whether I can grab a lift off you on Sunday, no matter if not though- Thanks Sophia

  13. Karen Napleton

    Jenny, let’s travel together as you live just over the road. I’m happy to drive as I may be picking up one or two others.

    • Great I just picked up message can come to you for 8.15? Or I can drive- sorry for delay just dealing with Eurovision disappointment x

  14. Michelle Doyle

    I’ll be there, although you may need an ambulance on standby as I’ve not done 4 miles, let alone up hill!! Scared!

  15. I’m new to the group but would like to join you for the 8 miles.

  16. Am coming and picking up Esther en route

  17. Elspeth Hayde

    I’m going to do the 5 miles

  18. I would like to do 8 miles! Can anyone pick me up on the way please? – I can wait on Dyke Road – thanks!

  19. I’ve got a lift thanks!

  20. I’m doing 8 miles – getting a lift with Karen. I’ll be wearing short shorts- so be warned!

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