Lake Garda, First wave of entries THIS WEEK

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of the next FitBitch international race crew.We are booking race entries THIS WEEK. You don’t need to pay for flights or accommodation but you will need to pay for race entries, and/or packages.

So far, we have

Rachael Woolston, Karen Napleton, Kate Boys, Ginny Fox, Sue Wormsley, Anna Stav, Innes Bailey, Stephanie Schier, Tor, Elspeth Hayde, Geraldine Bloomfield, and Jenny Holmes.

If I’ve missed your name off, get in touch NOW. Or if you haven’t already informed me that you are going and sent me the details as outlined below and want to come, do so NOW.

Still sitting on the fence unsure about coming? Here’s why you should…

We train in the summer. Sunshine!

Training will  help off set the barbecue bellies and bums that can occur during the summer months – yay!

It’s a great way of building up your training

You will get a fantastic weekend away with like minded women as a reward for your hard work

You will get a fantastic weekend away from the kids/partner/work as a reward for your hard work

And seriously, it will boost your self confidence like nothing else!

Here’s the details of costs again …

15k Race Ten week training starts w/c 6th August

Half package of 10 runs,  £71

Full package of 19 runs, £107

30k Race 16 Week training starts w/c 25th june

Half package of 16 runs, £95

Full package of 31 runs, £155

Marathon, 20 week training starts w/c 4th June

Half package of 20 runs, £187

Full package of 39 runs, £111

Alternatively,  you could also book an annual membership, which covers everything but the admin fee (this will be £35 if choosing this option), for the entire year of packages! A bargain at £250.

Registration for Lake Garda will be around 30EUROs but they will give us a discount for every 10th runner, the savings which will be shared amongst the group.

What do you do now? Email with the following information in this order


Date of Birth:



Estimated finish time: (not sure? 1hr 45 for 15k beginners, 3hrs for 30k beginners, who knows for marathon?!)

Days of arrival/departure if known


4 responses to “Lake Garda, First wave of entries THIS WEEK

  1. I’m in. No idea about distance yet. X

  2. When’s the actual event? I’m probably being blind again!

  3. sue simmons

    Am I too late for the 30K? Have sent an email just in case…Sue

  4. Just been having a look at flights… and wanted to share that BA seems to be cheaper than EasyJet at the moment. Plus none of those irritating extras like paying for your luggage!

    Now I just need to do a bit more running!

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