Join the Garda crew – October 14th

Our next international running date is gathering momentum with a fantastic group of women all training together for one of three races around the beautiful Lake Garda.

If you want to join the group, we are doing a (huge) group race entry NOW.

If you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t got around to getting in touch do it  now!

Sign up with us now and you will get the benefits of a FitBitch discount. If you leave it, you are welcome to still come with the group but you will have to do your own race entry (we will organise everything else for an admin fee of £35, or less if you book the package).

So get in touch NOW if you haven’t already done so with your details.

Training for an event is one of the best ways to keep in shape over the summer, and if you’re new to running, the most effective way to build your distance. Why?

1. You start training with a group of women all at the same level as you – they won’t let you not turn up to training!

2. It’s fun to train in the summer. Less rain, more sunshine, no snow.

3. Your reward is not just a medal with a ribbon around it. It’s cocktails on the edge of Lake Garda in the sunshine afterwards!

5. There’s gelato. Lots of it.

Training dates start:

15k training starts 6th August

30k training starts 25th June

Marathon training – already started but it’s not too late to join




3 responses to “Join the Garda crew – October 14th

  1. Hi,

    I have just paid the £35 and booked my flights for th etrip to Lake Garda. I arrive on Friday and leave on Monday so I’ll need a hotel for the fri, sat and sun night.

    I’m having problems deciding what distance to run, either 30k or full marathon. When do you need to know by?


  2. Steph Scheier

    Hi Rach,
    Paid the £35 and yet to book flights.. but will fly out on the Friday and will prob come back on Wed/ Thursday.. so a room with the group for Fri, Sat & Sunday and then I’ll go off on my own 🙂
    Running the 15k 🙂

  3. Steph Scheier

    btw..tried registering for the race online, but haven’t managed…when are you doing the group booking?!

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