Stanmer Park Stride, Training Sunday 10th

A sunny run makes everything right with the world

Come and join us for a beautiful run through Stanmer Park and beyond.

It is so close to Brighton but many people forget about coming here and it is a great area for off road running, and makes for a pleasant change from seafront.

There will be a five mile route for those training for Friston Forest, which will incorporate some hills (both up and down) and an 8.8mile route for those used to running who would like to go further.

If you are not used to the area, don’t worry as you will not be left as we will  have numerous coaches and running ambassadors on hand to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn.

What to know the route? If you have paid for an annual membership or are currently paying for a package plan you will have access to the route by becoming a friend on map my run and following FitBitchRunning Club.

If you did have a plan but don’t currently, please be aware that you will lose privileges to our bank of runs as this is a subscription only.


Where to meet: The car park near Stanmer church (not our usual meeting spot!) which is up the main road into the park. Link here

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £5

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Running Ambassador: Melanie Lankester



14 responses to “Stanmer Park Stride, Training Sunday 10th

  1. Michelle Doyle

    I’ll be there for the 5 miler!

  2. 8.8 miles please for me.

  3. I’d like to try for the 8.8 miles

  4. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’m going to attempt the 5 miler – see you there!

  5. Elspeth Hayde

    I will do the long run, no wimping out this week!

  6. Hi, I’ll be there. Got an event in the park so I can check on that at the same time! Undecided with which mileage to do….Jo x

  7. will be there. only up to about three miles at the mo but will come and do that distance- turning round at a good point!

  8. Karen Sharpe

    I’ll be there, going for the long run x

  9. Hi, I’ll be there for the 5 mile please.
    LisaB xx

  10. I’d like to come for the 5-miler but need a lift there and back from Hove. Anyone able to offer a lift???

  11. I’ll be there for the five miles, thanks .

  12. Sorry- not able to come now

  13. Karen Napleton

    8.8 miles for me, see you tomorrow. Kx

  14. Denise Hawes

    I’m there for 5 please

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