Yoga for Runners, re-starts Monday 2nd July, 6pm

See your running take off with yoga – don’t worry, you wont’ do this!

Whether you are a seasoned runner or someone just starting out, running can result in  injury if you fail to stretch properly, or remain unaware of the balance and imbalances in your body.

This is why yoga is invaluable to runners.

And this style is specifically for runners and those who exercise. It  focuses on those muscles and joints that typically become tight because of the exercise that we do.

It can help prevent and rehab typical problem areas such as tight calves, achille’s problems, piroformis syndrome, hamgstring issues and more.

Whether you have never done yoga, or done it and felt like the class dunce while Miss Pretzel in front of you put her foot over her head, this style of yoga is designed for YOU.

The class is run byFB  founder, Rachael Woolston who is also a trained yoga teacher. It is part of and so is open to both men and women.

A six-week block starting July 2nd costs £51 or you can drop in for £10 a session (please text 07855 742195 to ensure there is space beforehand). There are limited spaces to ensure correct technique and attention.

Classes last for one hour, finishing at 7.00pm.It will be at The Happy Cell, Davigdor Road, Hove.

If you are currently training with the running club, particularly if you are a beginner, or are training for distances over 10k, this is the perfect recovery after Sunday’s long run.

To book please email


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