Run for the hills – training run – Wednesday 20th June

It’s the session that most of you go out of your way to avoid in your training plans but believe it or not it will make you a stronger and quicker runner.

It’s important to include hillwork in your running schedule, and a must for those of you training for Friston Forest.

We’ll get you focussing on your technique for running up and downhill. As you learn to become a more efficient runner, your body will be making its adaptations helping you to run at higher intensities for longer.

Meet: dukes mound, Madiera Drive
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Trainer: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in £5.00


7 responses to “Run for the hills – training run – Wednesday 20th June

  1. I’ll be there, where abouts on Madeira Drive?

  2. I’d like to come – again, would appreciate a more specific meet point! Thanks, Jenny

  3. hopefully be there but took a spill at work this morning and currently have one knee and foot twice the size as the other – I’m only good for running in circles at the moment 😦 Fingers crossed it’ll be mended by then so can tackle the mound!

  4. I’ll be there

  5. I’ll be there, assume the bottom of Dukes mound is where we are meeting? 🙂

  6. Denise Hawes

    I’ll be there in my new trainers!!!

  7. Wont be there later – my foot’s still swollen and I can’t put any pressure on the top so trainers are a no go tonight. Gutted 😦 Have fun guys!

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