Summery southdown training run – Sunday 24th June

Fitbitch spirit on show last Sunday

For those of us not racing this weekend, there will still be our regular Sunday run. There is an 8mile for those wanting to keep up the distance or a 5mile option.


The run will start from the car park just off Falmer Road between Norton Drive and Bexhill Road at Woodingdean (see below for more details).

The 8mile route will take us out to Kingston near Lewes, through Swanborough Manor before dropping down to the Bostle and back to Bullock Hill. The 5 mile option will be a smaller circuit around the same area.

Those of you who ran last Sunday will remember how beautiful the route was. As always you helped each other up the hills (130mtr climb!) which many of you thought you wouldn’t be able to do.

It just goes to show what you can achieve with a little help from your friends. Whether you are training for a race or to have some ‘you’ time, the route this week is just as scenic so come and join us as we make the most of the South Downs in summer.

Meet: car park just off Falmer Road between Norton Drive and Bexhill Road at Woodingdean

Time: 8.30am
Coach: melissa
Running ambassador: Melanie Annning and Tor


14 responses to “Summery southdown training run – Sunday 24th June

  1. Melissa Whitty

    hi, can first timers come along to this? Havent run with the club before. Is it very hilly.. ? not sure whether to do the 5 or 8 miler! If it’s hilly, the 5 mile run might be enough for me.

  2. I’m in for the 5 miler! Tasha

  3. I’m going for the 5 miler please!

  4. Karen Russell

    I’ll go for the 8 miler please.!

  5. Karen Sharpe

    I’ll go for 8 miles please!!!

  6. I’ll be there for the 8 miles.

  7. I will do 8 miles please x

  8. Donna Conway

    I would love to join you for the 5 mile run – I don’t have a car though so wondering how easy it will be to get there. Is anyone coming from Hove that I could get a lift with? I would give petrol money of course! I will also look at Bus…

  9. Hi, i am up for the 5 miler please (lisa, i don’t have a race entry for the friston 10K , so won’t be doing it , explain when i see you )

  10. I’m up for the 8 miler but come from hove – if anyone can offer me a lift my mobile is 07946406246! thank you!

  11. I now may not be able to come in the morning. Please don’t wait for me if I’m not there by 8.30! Sorry, Jenny

  12. Hi Ladies – I’m so sorry I slept through my alarm this morning! I hope you didn’t wait too long. Melissa or Tor, here is my number just in case for future reference 07511548931 and maybe I could have one of yours? I have Rachael’s but I understand she wasn’t with you this morning. Thanks and again sorry! xxx

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