Speed and strength with a surprise! Wednesday 27th June.

We did it!

Yesterday we had Fitbitch’s at two different running events. Both hilly, but both fantastic routes. They completed these challenging runs after weeks of training the Fitbitch way. Our aim is to help you reach your goal in an effective yet fun way. So when we say the words strength and speed, do not be too alarmed!

Wednesday’s session is to help work your hamstrings, gluteus, thighs, calves and core muscles and give you more pushing power when you are running. We have more hilly, scenic runs on our running calendar and of course our international race at Lake Garda in October. There were many smiles after yesterdays events, so come along on Wednesday to get yourself ready for our next one. You don’t have to be training for a particular event, our sessions are great for any female runner who wants to get fitter and faster.

Meet: Madeira Drive, opposite Peter pan playground (we know it’s not a hill session!). Parking is pay and display. If you are after a lift please mention when commenting.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm

£5 drop in.


18 responses to “Speed and strength with a surprise! Wednesday 27th June.

  1. Denise Hawes

    See you there!

  2. Count me in!
    Lisa x

  3. Do you start at 7.30pm on the dot? And do you run/workout close to the playground? I’d love to come but only get into Brighton just after 7pm – I might be able to make it with a bit of luck though.


  4. Hi, sorry i’m probably being really stupid but is the session this wednesday 27th of June not July?


  5. Hi I will be there, look forward to it xt

  6. Hi Kate, I’m not able to run at the moment (calf strain) but interested in the strength work part. Do you think this training session would be ok for me to do? Suzanne F

  7. Jenny Holmes

    Hi – I’ll be there! thx Jenny

  8. Anyone driving over from Hove? Any chance of a lift?
    Thanks, Ginny

  9. I’ll be there, I can give any one a lift who lives in hove. Lindsay 07708 463320

  10. Not likely I’ll make it this now (work commitments) – hopefully next time…

  11. I’m in! Later, b*tches x

  12. Denise Hawes

    Hi Kate – I’m sorry I can’t come now tonight. But see you Monday at 6am!

  13. Thanks for the offer, Lindsay… but can’t make it now, after all! Cheers,

  14. See you there….

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