P is for….Pace training, Weds 4th July

Pace with post yoga stretching

Whether you are a beginner who wants to try our run session for the first time, or an experienced FitBitch runner then this training will work for you.

We will stay in one place and run out and back so newbies will get the chance to build their distance with a recovery period in between.

Experienced FitBitch runners, this session will be working you in different heart rate zones. This will help challenge and develop your running fitness.

And if you are preparing for any one of our races (Lake Garda, Spartan Beast, Firle, Parkrun, etc) it will  get you used to working on a pace to help you gain a race time that you would like to aim for.

If you would like to work on this, then please visit the site, Cool Running first, enter your race distance and a time that you hope to aim for and come with that pace in mind so we can work on this (bring your running watches if you have – I have a spare if not).

Please also bring skipping ropes if you have them. We have some spares.

Beginners, don’t be put off by all this running geekery!

Please comment here if you are coming.

Location: Lifeguards hut by Hove Street

Parking: King alfred’s centre car park

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Drop in: £5


12 responses to “P is for….Pace training, Weds 4th July

  1. I’ll be there and bringing my daughter Holly, if I can get her off the sofa!!
    Lisa x

  2. I will definitely be there and I have a skipping rope i can bring along too. Looking forward to it. Natalie 🙂

  3. Hi! I will be able to join you this week, I dont have a rope though. Looking forward to meeting everyone and joining the class


  4. I’ll be there. Lindsay

  5. Tor Del Federico

    see you there; I can’t open the site link though; can the rest of you?

  6. I’ll be there, need to work off the Marbella indulgences!! Jo x

  7. I’m in! Anna x

  8. Denise Hawes

    See you there xx

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