Sunday 8th July, Messing about on the river

There’s always someone to run with and keep you going!

Don’t miss this Sunday’s beautiful run – for one, it’s flat. But for another it is very scenic with the river, the Downs and the gorgeous, quirky houseboats of Shoreham to nosily peer into as we pass.

It is also an out and back route so it is simple to find your way back, making it suitable for any distance from 3miles and up.

We will be leading groups doing 6miles and 9.3miles but if you want to go shorter, please come along but let us know by commenting here.

In fact, all comment here if you are coming and also if you need a lift.

Meet: Shoreham-by Sea car park, just behind Lower Beach Road on this map

Time: 8.30am

Coaches: Rachael & Kate

Run Ambassador: Mel Anning

Phone: 07855 742195

Drop in: £5


14 responses to “Sunday 8th July, Messing about on the river

  1. I’ll be there. I’m debating between the 6 or the 9.3 miles. If anyone has space for me, I can meet them somewhere in Brighton! I live near Norfolk Square. If not, I’ll take the train.

  2. Think I’ll try the 9.3 miles (hopefully i won t be too slow and hold people up!)
    See you there 🙂

  3. I will do the 6 miles. Kayla, if you go for the 6 miles I can give you a lift there and back, or I can just take you there if you want to do the longer run. My number is 07708 463320

  4. I’ll be there, unsure about distance yet. Might run with Suzi 🙂 Jo x

  5. Hello, I’m in for the 6 miles

  6. Unsure of distance as need to see how the leg is but can always turn back on my own.
    Suzanne F

  7. Ill be there for the 6 please
    Lisa x

  8. Karen Napleton

    see you Sunday for 9.3 x

  9. I will do the 6. Lisa are you still able to give me a lift?

  10. I’d like to do 9 miles, and my friend Kay would like to do 6.
    See you then, Jenny

  11. I would like to do 6 miles please! If anyone could give me a lift from Dyke Road / Tivoli / Droveway area there and back that would be great thanks!

  12. Am on for Sunday run will try for the long one but may turn back a little earlier.

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