Garda Get Together & Training run, Sat28th July

Are you part of the Fitbitch Garda crew coming to italy in October to run the marathon, 30k or 15k? Come and join us at a Parkrun get together and post run coffee on Saturday 28th July.

For those who have a long distance run to do on this weekend, we will meet early (around 7am-ish) to do the run and finish at parkrun. The 15k runners who will not have started their training runs by this date, either meet for a shorter distance run (at a later start time) meet at the cafe or  do parkrun at 9am.

Please note that on this week, all the run club training will be on Sat not our usual Sunday.

This will allow those who would like to enter the Brighton Trail Blazer (under 10k) taking place on Sunday to take part. We have a special discount entry for this if you wish to register.

Please comment HERE if you are coming to this get together. Those doing the training run beforehand we will post details nearer the time.

Interested in the Trailblazer discounted entry? Email with the subject title TrailBlazer.


7 responses to “Garda Get Together & Training run, Sat28th July

  1. Would love to meet up, but on holiday,
    Sue x

  2. Will be there for get together and run hopefully!
    Lisa x

  3. Elspeth Hayde

    Will be away for the weekend do can’t make it. Els

  4. I’m in! Either for parkrun or shorter run beforehand. Anna

  5. Karen Russell

    I’ll be there, for get together and shorter run or park run. Karen

  6. I’ll be there – for the training run beforehand and for get together afterwards 🙂

  7. Nicki Crayfourd

    I’ll be there for the shorter run or Parkrun beforehand and for the Lake Garda Get Together afterwards. Cheers. Nicki C

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