Stanmer Park and beyond. Sunday 15th July.

Escape to the country this Sunday

This Sunday we are taking to the woodland trails at Stanmer Park. There are two distances of 7 miles and 10 miles. Both start out together as we will run from Stanmer, through the village and up towards Ditchling Beacon. The 7 mile route loops back with some downhill as the pathway takes you back towards Falmer village. The 10 mile route keeps heading towards Lewes before looping back.

Both distances provide lovely scenery. Running past farms and views over Plumpton as we cover some of The South Downs Way.

Lake Garda 30k and the Firle half are on 7 miles for this week. The Lake Garda marathon is 10 miles. There is no rule that you need to be training for these events to join us. If you are familiar with off-road running or similar distances then come along. Comment with your distance and if you need or can offer a lift. The Stanmer House is now open for Breakfast. Always nice to end a long run with some food, especially if it’s made for you!

Meet: Stanmer Park, entrance off the A27. First car park on the left.

Time: 8:30am

Coaches: Kate 07702983744. Melissa 07894146016. Ambassador: Mel A.



17 responses to “Stanmer Park and beyond. Sunday 15th July.

  1. Karen Sharpe

    I’ll be there for 10 miles please x

  2. I’ll be there for the 7 miles please
    Lisa x

  3. Elspeth Hayde

    I’ll be there for 7 miles please Els x

  4. I’m in for the 7 miles too, thanks Jen x Just checking this is this coming Sunday?

  5. I will be there for the 7 miles. Sorry i couldn’t make the wednesday session. Nat x

  6. I’ll be there, although undecided on which distance to run!

  7. I’ll be there for 7 miles please! Bel x

  8. Hi! I’d like to come along for the 7 mile! Tasha xxx

  9. Hi not sure which one but I’ll be there – Karen can I get a lift again?
    jenny x

  10. Karen Sharpe

    Hi Jenny, where do you need a lift from? x

  11. Denise Hawes

    I’ll be there – 7 miles (though depends on whether Michelle’s coming!!)

  12. Desperately seeking a lift tomorrow morning please! I live Dyke Rd / Droveway area – fingers crossed!

  13. I’d like to do 7 – innes x

  14. Sorry, not going to make it this morning, am unwell 😦

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