Beginners intro, Weds 18th July, 7.30pm

Which direction will your running take? Take the FitBitch way for good technique, fun and enjoyable running

We have helped introduce hundreds of women to running, including those who swore they’d never be able to run longer than five minutes -er, and some of whom are now marathon runners.

Now be part of our next training group which starts this coming Weds. You can sign up for a package (details on our Training Groups pages) or simply drop in for £5.

If you CAN’T make this session, do not worry you won’t have missed the boat. Our sessions are designed so that ANYONE can take part no matter what your level.

This week’s session though would be great to come to as we will assess your gait and biomechanics. ‘Your what?’ I hear you say.

Simply put, we will look at how your body moves as you run and what this means in terms of where you may have tight muscles, or weak areas which you should work on to help make running easier.

We will also work on technique, all of which is designed to build a strong foundation for running before we start building distance in the coming weeks.

If you have paid for a package – or intend to – you will need to bring a refundable £5 deposit so that we can issue you with a training bracelet to show each time you come to a session as proof of package purchase.

What else do you need? A yoga mat if you have one and a skipping rope, but don’t worry if you don’t have one as we have spares.


There will be further training for non-beginners, posted later in the week.

Location: the grass adjacent to Hove Street, near King Alfred Centre

When: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael


21 responses to “Beginners intro, Weds 18th July, 7.30pm

  1. I’ll be there! Can’t keep away! Lindsay

  2. Denise Hawes

    I’ll be there too. Xx

  3. I’ll come on Wed but won’t sign up for all the sessions as on hols in aug.

  4. i’m going to come along – it’ll be my first time 🙂

  5. I’d like to drop in. Apologies in advance for not having a yoga mat/skipping rope.

  6. Michelle Fraser

    Ill be there for sure along with yoga mat and skipping rope 🙂 Nervous much lol!! Are we meeting at the first green ajacent to King Alfred and can we park there?



  7. Hoping to make it along to this session & might bring a friend along too if that’s ok? Got a yoga mat, but no skipping rope though.

  8. Forgot to say – my name is Sarah (been once before a few weeks back) – just realised my WordPress name was different!

  9. Oops, forgot to mention t-shirt size, sorry! I’m about a size 12/medium. I’m on the flexible 8-run package 🙂

  10. I hope to be able to join this session and I hope to bring a friend along too. It is the first time for me. I do not have a a yoga mat with me today nor a skipping rope. Is it OK?

  11. I will be there! I have a yoga mat but no skipping rope and I am a tad nervous about the whole thing.

  12. I really wanted to come along this eve but had to work late (in London) so have been unable to make it. See you next week.

  13. Hi, sorry i didnt make it a walked around Hove Lawns for 20 minutes I couldnt find ye! I am interested in joining up for the training sessions, can you let me know when the next beginner session is.


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