Mind your Ps and Cs…Pace & Conditioning, Weds 25th July

Beginners to advanced, we cater for all at Fitbitch

If you are a beginner and you missed last Wednesday’s first session – and our glorious Sunday morning run, don’t worry. Come along to our next session which will focus largely on conditioning those muscles used for running – and the ones that are not often firing correctly (the bum muscles, and there’s no harm in working those now we’re in bikini season finally!)

For our intermediate runners, it’s time for another pace session to help you improve your speed. For the pace runners, it will be about pushing outside your normal chatting comfort zone to help you work on speed.

Please comment here if you are coming. If you have a yoga mat and skipping rope, please bring it.

Location: The lawns adjacent to Hove Street  next to the King Alfred Centre – link here

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195




10 responses to “Mind your Ps and Cs…Pace & Conditioning, Weds 25th July

  1. Michelle Fraser

    I’ll be there :0)

  2. I’ll be there Rachael!! So sorry to have missed the first one but I’ll work extra hard this wk to make up for it!

  3. And me :o}
    Lisa x

  4. I’ll be there too

  5. I’ll be there for my first ever session!

  6. See you there.

  7. I’ll be there….might have to join the beginners again!x

  8. I will be there, and if it is ok I will be bringing my sister Penny Figg.

  9. I’ve escaped from work so will be there!

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