Training for Beginners & Beyond, Sat 28th July

Training, coffee and chatter

This weekend only we are switching to Saturday to train so that those who wish to do the Brighton trailblazer on Sunday can do so. (If you have not signed up and can already run 7miles comfortably, we recommend it! It’s beautiful).

There will be a 8.6-9mile route for those training for Firle and Lake Garda 30k and marathon – or any one who would like to run in a group and do this distance. It is a hilly one with a gradual climb up from Hangleton to the Dyke before a glorious downhill section and back to Hove Park.

Here , you either have the choice of joining the Hove 5k, – or cheering on some of our new runners who will be doing this.

The beginners route is a 3-4mile route this time around Hove Park. Your choice is to either meet at 8.15am and do the route with our coach Melissa.

Alternatively, you can register for and get your first taste of a very friendly race environment by doing the parkrun at 9am. If doing this, coach Rachael will run it with you as a training run.

It is an extremely friendly format and a great way of progressing your running in a supportive environment.

After the run, we plan to have coffee at Hove park Cafe, so bring some money if you fancy hanging around for half an  hour after.


Location: Meet Hove park Cafe

CHOICE A: Time: 7.30am for 8-9mile runners

Coach Rachael, and run ambassador Mel lankester

CHOICE B: Time: Beginners NOT doing parkrun 8.15am

Coach Melissa and Karen Russell

CHOICE C: Time: Beginners doing parkrun, 8.45am for warm up before 5k park run

Coach: Kate

Drop in: £5

Parking: You can park around hove Park but if coming for the parkrun at 8.45am best to get there earlier as it gets busy.

Beginners NOT doing parkrun meet at 8.15am

Time: Beginners no doing Park run: me


15 responses to “Training for Beginners & Beyond, Sat 28th July

  1. I’m in for Choice A: 9 mile run only (no Parkrun) and then coffee afterwards please. B

  2. 9 mile for me please, no Parkrun and a large coffee please!! ;o]
    Lisa B

  3. I’m going to say 9 miles plus extra large coffee too, but prepare for me to drop out if I’m still trying to find my way home from the Olympic Stadium!!x

  4. 9 miles for me but not park run. Might have to shoot off afterwards depending how long the run takes me!

  5. I’m going to try 9miles please x

  6. Option A please! Anna x

  7. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’m going for CHOICE C: pls. See you at 8.45am for warm up and then a big coffee after 🙂 Nicki C

  8. Im doing the 5k park run for graduation!

  9. I’ve just registered for Park Run so option C for me and a cup of tea afters.

  10. I will try CHOICE B: Time: Beginners NOT doing parkrun 8.15am. See you tomorrow. Valentina

  11. 8 mile and a coffee for me. L

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