Lake Garda 15k Runners & Beginners

Who needs caffeine when running gives you this much of a buzz?

Last Wednesday,  and this morning we  had a fantastic turn out for our new beginner’s running group.

If you are a beginner, and haven’t joined us yet – or saw us at, it is never too late to join as you can drop in for £5 whenever you want on Wednesdays. These sessions are suitable for all.

Plus, we  have another group starting on August 8th –  our group who are training for the Lake Garda 15k on October 14th. All the spaces for our international run have been filled but that doesn’t stop you joining our training if you want to just build your distance.

If you are already confirmed for Lake Garda, the package price is payable NOW.

That is £71 for a half package of 10 runs (minus £20 if you have paid the admin fee) or £107 for 19 runs. It is due now.

Pay to the same bank as usual.


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