Sea to Downs Training, Sunday 12th August

Nothing beats a Sunday run on the Downs

Beginners got their first taste of the beauty of off road running last weekend and we continue this week with this stunning sea to downs run.

Starting at Brighton Marina, you will run along the cliff path heading to Rottingdean before climbing up past the windmill and looking out over the azure green sea. It’s a beautiful run and ends on a downhill.

This is a five mile run but if you wish to go shorter, you can join us and turn before we head up on to the Downs as the route is straightforward until this point.
For those going longer there are three distances, 10, 11 or 12miles. PLEASE stick to the distance you should be doing on your training plan and DON’T over run.
The start times and locations vary accordingly (or start at the 12mile route but just walk the last bit back as a warm down).

The route again will go along the cliff path before going up behind Rottingdean and up around Castle Hill National Reserve. IF YOU have paid for a plan, you will be able to see the route on if you are a friend of FbBootcamp.


Details for meeting

Beginners 5miles

Meet Asda Car Park Brighton Marina for an 8.30am start

Coach: Melissa, Running Ambassador Karen Russell

Going longer

(Ensure you are at each location ready to go at this time – if you are on time and you don’t see us stay where you are and wait as it just means we haven’t reached you yet.

hOWEVER, if you are late we can’t stop the run to wait so be there. We will stop if we arrive at the location earlier than anticipated).

12 miles Meet 8.15am Brighton Pier

11 miles Meet 8.20am Yellowave Madeira Drive

10miles Meet 8.30am entrance to undercliff path Brighton Marina as we come past

Please note on the longer runs we will team you up with someone of approx the same pace who you must stay with.

Coaches: Rachael,Β  and Kate


14 responses to “Sea to Downs Training, Sunday 12th August

  1. I’m in for 5 miles (unless there’s an easy way for me to extend it to 7? If not, I’ll just run home too πŸ™‚

  2. Julie Alexander

    Hi, I would like to drop in for the beginners run. All the best

  3. I’m there for the 11 miles.

  4. I’ll see you at the 11 mile marker!

  5. Elspeth Hayde

    I will do the short run.

  6. I really want to join your group but I so , so object to the word ‘bitch’; you don’t have to reappropriate this horrible word by using it: could you not consider changing it to something bit more enlightened? even FirtChick innocous… I tell my daughter that bitch is NEVER ok to use, certainly not between en women;
    Carole Sweeney

    • HI Carole
      Thanks for taking the time to write. We get many, many women who love our name and sign up to train with us because the name represents the idea of an empowered, confident woman which is precisely what we were aiming for with the brand name.
      The term Fitbitch, in the context in which we use it, is intended as a term of empowerment. The term bitch tends to have a negative connatation but only because it has been appropriated largely by men to put down women.
      Our use of the word is in one way, an attempt to appropriate language from a female perspective and use it to empower women who want to take charge of their fitness and exercise and who are not afraid to express the fact that being fit is something to be proud of.
      In this year’s Olympics we have seen so many fantastic female atheletes, each and every one a role model. And yet many of them have no doubt faced prejudice, from both men and women, because ridiculously, being sporty has traditionally been seen as un-feminine.
      The name is quite out there, we agree but this is because we want to be quite clear in stating our intent that we are strong, confident women and that being part of our brand is about becoming empowered and gaining confidence through the arena of exercise, fitness and sport.
      Thanks for opening up the discussion as it is an important one. I hope that this does not prevent you from running with us – as you can see from our blog and our facebok page, many hundreds of women have benefitted from our coaching and it has changed not just their figures and fitness but much more besides.

  7. Julie Alexander

    Hi Kate and Rachael turns out I can’t come Sunday after all, but defo. want to find a time to run with you this summer! Will try for another Sunday soon. Have a lovely run. Julie

  8. 11 miles please from this Fitbitch – have just watched the US women set a new world record in the 4x 100m relay – wow! Can’t promise to be that good, but will try!! X

  9. I’m in for 12 as long as physio doesn’t disagree. x

  10. Would love to run tomorrow, but been told to rest a few more days as have groin injury!! Regarding the comment above from Carole – my 13yr old daughter commented only yesterday that she was proud to have me as her Mum because I don’t sit around like other Mums. My daughter also understands the context in which the word is used and would never use this word in a negative way. Hopefully through Fitbitch I will be showing my daughter that living an active and healthy lifestyle is the way to go. I am a proud Fitbitch and have been inspired by all the amazing women in the club. Plus its great fun.

  11. Looking forward to seeing you all down at the Marina for the 5 mile run πŸ™‚ First one off road!

  12. Hi hopefully see you at asda for 5 miles!! πŸ™‚

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