Sunday run. Training on trails. Sunday 19th August.

Finishing at the park cafe with big smiles. Coffee anyone?

Sundays run will meet in Hove Park. We offer a choice of distances to cater for our various training plans. Each distance will cover some off-road with a slight hill. Perfect for some conditioning work to recruit the muscles and ease the joints.

Depending on demand for options on distances we will have:

3 mile – a slight incline as you leave the park, turning at the top of a trail before heading back down into the park. If you wish to run shorter than 3 miles, you can walk through the park as a cool down. There will be a coach by the cafe ready to go over post run stretching.

5 mile – as above but continuing along towards Devils Dyke before heading back. Again we will have a running coach to assist with stretches.

11 – 12 mile – starting out with the shorter distances then heading further towards the Dyke. This route will be a loop and ending up in the park. For 12 miles you will finish with a lap of the park.

It is very important to comment so we know in advance how many coaches we need per distance. What we ask from you is that you arrive promptly to listen to a pre run brief, give contact details and make us aware of your distance and ability so we can try to pair you up with other runners and distribute our coaches and ambassadors to suit everyone. We now operate a policy where a running coach/ambassador will be at the finish point until our last runners come in. Every single runner will receive assistance with the post – run stretches.

Meet: Hove Park cafe.

Time: 8:30am

Coaches: Kate 07702983744, Melissa 07894146016. Ambassador: Mel L and Karen.

Drop in: £5


26 responses to “Sunday run. Training on trails. Sunday 19th August.

  1. Michelle Doyle

    I’ll try the 5mike please

  2. Ha ha ha I’ll be there for 5 miles plus a Mike please 🙂

  3. 5 miles for me too please.

  4. Michelle Fraser

    Ill attempt the 5 Miler too please 🙂

  5. Elspeth Hayde

    I’m off on holiday so won’t be back running with club until September. Will obviously look really hard for some hills to run up on holiday! X

  6. I’ll do 5 miles, thanks


  7. I’ll be there… think I should stick with 3 miles?

  8. Im in for 11 miles 🙂

  9. I ll be doing 5 x

  10. I’ll give the 3 a go…

  11. 5 for me please! thanks 🙂

  12. 11-12 for me please! Garda is getting closer and scary ….!

  13. I will be there for the 5miles.

  14. 11-12 for me. Thanks!

  15. 11 miles for me please!

  16. 12 miles for me please 🙂

  17. 5 miles I think – I get back from holiday very late saturday night so may scale down to 3, but hoping for the 5

  18. 5 miles for me. I should have £5 credit from last weeks Sunday run – can I use that for this weeks?

  19. Need to run soooooo bad, going to try 5 miles and see how injuries go!!!!!!!!! x

  20. 5 miles for me, thanks

  21. 5 miles for me too.

  22. Michelle Fraser

    Not going to make it tomorrow girls, sorry! Tweaked my leg from run on thurs :0(

  23. My foot is still playing up so sticking to cross training and weights till its better. Will be back next sunday fingers crossed. xx

  24. sorry, can’t make it now. Lindsay

  25. sorry I can’t make it tomorrow, there’s been a last minute change of our plans for the day. See you Weds Mo x

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