Bank holiday bliss – Training run Sunday 26th August

Running makes you feel this good!

There’s nothing better than the endorphin high and pleasant satisfaction that comes from starting your Sunday with a run along the South Downs. If you feel like you need to get away from the bank holiday madness this weekend, grab an hour for yourself and come join us this Sunday morning.

We will all set out together and cover 3 miles, 5 miles and 12 miles in accordance with your training schedules or abilities.

Starting at Brighton Marina, we will run up Sheepcote valley to Woodingdean. Those of you doing the shorter run will turn. Those of you doing the longer run will run east towards Telscombe and run back along the undercliff from Rottingdean.

There will be a coach leading each distance and an ambassador so don’t worry about getting lost or left behind.

As always with our weekend runs, the views are fantastic and we support each other along the way. We’ll also lead you through specific stretches at the end of the run – please make sure you stretch before you leave.


Time: 8:30am
Trainer: Melissa – 07894 146016
Trainer: Kate – 07985 221071
Running Ambassador: Mel Lankester and Tor
Meet: Brighton Marina – Asda carpark
Drop in: £5


20 responses to “Bank holiday bliss – Training run Sunday 26th August

  1. Hi, I’ll be there but want to more than 5 miles but not as many as 12 miles, is this an option? Seems a shame that its such a big gap between distances…..Jo x

  2. Hi, I’m the same really. Could we have an 8 mile option? Not really ready for 12 miles…. best wishes nat x

  3. I’m there for the 12 miles…and guessing it’s this Sunday not April 1st…although an 8 month break would be nice!

  4. Will be there for 12 miles please 🙂

  5. 5 miles please, Denise x

  6. I would do 8 miles too…

  7. I’d like to do 5 miles please

  8. Jeannie Hignell

    Haven’t been able to make it for ages but would like to do the 5 miles. Will make contact well before if anything crops up and I can’t come. So this is a tentative yes please!

  9. I’m in for 12! Anna x

  10. Hello – Wednesday’s session was my first ever running (other than, you know, for the bus) but I’m doing the Rise run and saw we’re meant to do a 3-miler this Sunday, should I do this one or just stick to seafront? (flat, mmm…) Thanks, Kate

    • Hi Kate,

      The 3 mile option is aimed at Rise training, so do join us. There is a slight incline but downhill on the way back. A great way to keep motivated and share your training experience with other runners.
      There is a running coach or ambassador for each distance, so you will get lots of encouragement and advice with your post run stretches.

  11. 12 miles please, Emma x

  12. 5 miles for me please xx

  13. Karen russell

    Hi I’ll be there for the 5 miles, Karen

  14. Melissa scott

    we are now following training plans for the rise 8k, Garda 15k, 30k, marathon and firle half, the distances will align with these events and increase in distance each week accordingly. There will be an 8mile next week. However the shorter distance is great for a strength and speed session as there is an uphill section.

  15. Will join you for the 5 miles. x

  16. I need to switch to the 5! Thanks

  17. I’m in for the 5 miles..

  18. Is it too late to come along? Not sure which to do though? I’m a bit behind in my training plan due to holidays and having the kids all day. Probably stick with 3 miles? Mo x

  19. Hi will be joining 5 miles!

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