The Endorphin High Session, Weds 5th Sept

get your endorphin fix for the week!

So, we’re all back from holiday and the kids are about to go back to school. You may have the blues but you won’t after this Wednesday’s training session.

We’ll be working on power and pace but don’t worry if you are a beginner, as you will all be put in a group suitable for your level and training.

This session is focused on helping you to improve your speed, which involves more muscle recruitment (more results on your bum – yay!) and means you will burn more calories for longer afterwards (yay again! One way of working off the holiday binge season). And the off shoot of all of this? An endorphin high that will last until the weekend.

If you are training for Garda, you should all be attending these sessions now (or our Sunday’s). And for our Firle runners, this is our last session before race day on Sunday so this will leave you feeling raring to go.

If you have not been to run club before, please come along but arrive 5-10mins early so you can fill out the necessary paperwork.


Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Location: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street, a minute’s walk from the King Alfred Centre (you can park in King Alfred Centre)

Time: 7.30pm prompt
– or earlier.

Drop in: £5



28 responses to “The Endorphin High Session, Weds 5th Sept

  1. I’ll be there

  2. Hi I will be coming Thanks Karen

    Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 15:37:08 +0000 To:

  3. Yeah I’ll be there x

  4. I’m coming! And bringing a newbie, my housemate Cesca 🙂

  5. Endorphins! I am in.

  6. Count me in!

  7. I’ll be there! I’m a newbie and training for the rise 8k Undercliff 🙂

  8. Hi, pretty sure I can come – might have childcare issues but will confirm ASAP x

  9. I will be coming !

    Jenny Ray

  10. Nicki Crayfourd

    I’ll be there ……just about recovered from last Wed! Nicki

  11. Hi, I’ll be there, Tor

  12. I’m coming too 🙂

  13. See you there, Kamla

  14. I’m going to be there.

  15. I’ll be there tonight.

  16. I have done my back in over a week ago swinging awkwardly from a rope with my son! Still not right so staying away from the running at the moment. Haven’t given up though! Mo x

  17. I’ll be there too

  18. I’ll be there – beginners group! See u later!

  19. I’ll be there

  20. Sorry I cant make it now – working.

  21. Hi, I commented earlier that I would make it, but actually can’t tonight 😦

  22. I will be there

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