Blackberries & Mirabelles, Training Sun 16th, 8.30am



Scenery Sunday – the view from the top

If you ran Firle last week, carry on your running buzz with this fantastic training run this Sunday and don’t let all that training now slip.

As for all those who are training for the Rise 8k, Garda 15k, 30k or marathon, don’t miss climbing the next rung in your running ladder toward your goal on race day.

If you are new to run club but already running four miles or more please feel free to come along. Total beginner? Training starts Sept 26th.

As per your plans we will be offering the following distances: 4, 7 and 15 miles. Those who want to go longer,  the four and seven mile routes are an out and back and easy to navigate to enable you to run further before turning back.

If you are a beginner though, or just returning to running after injury/having a baby/or just having slipped off the running wagon, do not be tempted to run miles longer than you have done recently.

Where will the route go? It will go up to just before Devil’s Dyke, a steady and gradual climb before heading out to Edburton Hill (there’s a clue there somewhere) and returning.

Those going longer, we’ll get most of the hills out of the way with fresh legs before going down to Bramber Castle and back along to Poynings. But keep something in the tank, you’ve got to get back up to the Dyke to go downhill to the end!

For all our runners, it’s blackberry-tastic up there so you may want to bring your tupperware post run to go picking. Those going long, we can fuel our running with nature’s bounty – the mirabelles are out!


Location: Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road (just before Brighton & Hove Golf Club ) Map here Free parking

15 mile route with Rachael 07855 742195

7 mile & 4 mile route with Melissa, 07984 146016

Running ambassadors, Melanie Anning (short) Karen Russell and Tor Del Federico (medium)





27 responses to “Blackberries & Mirabelles, Training Sun 16th, 8.30am

  1. Can’t make this week but will do the 7 miles on my training plan. Els x

  2. My training plan says 15miles but I’m a bit behind and only up to 12miles – not sure what to do as it may be too much of a jump up?

    • Yes, adding three miles and hilly ones at that is too much. Aim for 13 or 13.5 (as long as your last run was OK?) so perhaps do that before you meet us and do the 7miles with everyone else. I know Tor, Jo Osborne, Suzanne Curd all want to go longer too so maybe get in touch with them because you could alternatively add on to the end as Tor has the app

      • Thanks Rachael, I’m going to do my own route this weekend as it’s easier than trying to work out distances before and after and trying to meet up 🙂 See you at bootcamp! B

      • OK no problem, although it is easy to go just out and back and so many different people to run with

  3. I’ll be in Italy for the next two Sundays but will be thinking of you all running up those hills! x

  4. Hi I will be there and would like to try 7 miles.

  5. For my sins would like to do 15 but will have to go v steady. Felt ok doing 13 last week and legs recovered well, so guess I’m ready!!! Always nervous going to new distances.

  6. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’d like to do the 4 miles or maybe 7 miles …see how things go! Nicki

  7. Will be joining the 15 milers! Eeekk!
    Innes, I will be going very steady too 🙂

  8. Ha ha Karen is a demon runner!! I’ll be there for 7 plus something…..

  9. Hi I would like to do the 4 miles although at the moment I am not running any hills. I am mainly running 4-5miles flat. Do you think its best to hold off until next Sunday and do some hill training this week?

  10. Hi I’m up in London so missed the training last night but I’ll be along for the 7 mile run.

  11. Cool; I want to do 8.5 so will happily be adding on a bit at the end depending on how we all go at the 7 miles!

    • We can chat and see how many want to go longer as I coudl give you a bit of a different route on the app to follow which is beautfiul – I did it this morning

  12. Hello, I’d like to come on the 4 or 7 mile run (or maybe something in between, depending on the pace!). It will be my first fitbitch run. The furthest I’ve run in the past few weeks is about 5 miles. C u there. Belinda PS I’ll text Melissa as well in case this message doesn’t get through.

    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Hi, I’d like to come along and do the 4 miles but I can’t really get there unless I get a lift! Have checked buses and doesn’t look like they go up there that early…. I live at Seven Dials so don’t mind walking to a convenient ‘pick up point’ if anyone’s driving from around there? Thanks x

  14. I would like to do 4 miles and can probably pick Kate up en route

  15. 7 miles for me please. Jen x

  16. hello.. a bit late but I would love to come but have the same problem as Kate and can’t get there. I am new so haven’t met any of you yet but if anyone has room in the car I can meet at a ‘pick up point’. Bit late getting online so may have missed the boat. Thanks

  17. I live close to seven dials also…

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