The River Run, Sun Sept 23


the houseboast of Shoreham,

Whether you are a regular runner, or one that has just started out with us, this week’s route is a great one for all.

A good introduction to off-road running for those doing the shorter distance (4.5miles) it is flat, going past the characterful houseboats of Shoreham and going out along the River Adur where your feet and ankles will get  used to running on uneven terrain without hills.

Don’t want to run 4.5miles? No problem because on this run you can just turn back and follow the river back to the start (making sure you let one of our Run Ambassadors know you are returning earlier).

For our runners training for Lake Garda, it is now three weeks until race day and just two weeks for our runners training for the Rise 8k.

Garda training groups can choose between 8 miles (15k girls) and 17 miles (27.5kms) as per the training plan for those running 30k in Italy. Those who are training for 15k who want to go longer let us know and we can add on 1 or two miles extra.

For those going long, our terrain will vary with a few hills as we leave the river and head into the country, before dropping down through Lancing to the seafront and back to Shoreham, allowing us to pick up our feet and power back to base for a final lap around Shoreham to the finish.

Last week, we  had fields of cows, rivers full of swans and blackberry bushes galore. What will it be this time?!

Come and get your usual Sunday endorphins this weekend!


4.5 miles with Kate, 07702 983744

8-10miles with Melissa and Melanie Lankester, 07894 146016

17 miles with Rachael & Tor, 07855 742195

Location: Meet car park by Lower Beach Road, Shoreham-by-Sea – map here. you will need to pay for parking but it is cheap. Comment if you need a lift.

Time: 8.30am



38 responses to “The River Run, Sun Sept 23

  1. I’m in for the 8 miles. I’m driving from hove if anyone wants a lift.

    • Hi I live in Brunswick square do you have any space in your car? Would be amazing if you could give me a lift. This will be my first Sunday run as I couldn’t get there last week! Thanks so much. Lucy

    • I have just contacted Helen but she may not see it in time.. do you still have room in the car? I can meet at the top of third avenue too so its easier.. is it the top as in on the corner of third and church road? Let me know if this is ok

  2. 8 miles please…. and I need a lift please! Thanks

  3. 8-10 miles please (will see how I am doing at 8 and if I want to carry on !) See you there!

  4. 8 miles for me please. Els x

  5. I’ll be there for 17 miles

  6. 8 miles for me please, can offer anyone a lift from Hove.

    • Hi Helen.. Is is possible to jump in your car for tomorrow? I can meet anywhere. let me know if this is ok. Thanks! Lucy

  7. I love this run! 8 miles for me please. Ax

  8. I would love to do 4.5. Does anyone have room in there car for me? I can meet at any pick up point enroute. Thanks my mobile is 07906890204.

  9. 8-10 miler for me please. Will you have a back runner? I can do the distance but still a fair bit slower than the rest… Xxx

  10. Hi – I’m a bit behind & was due to do 7 miles this Sunday. Will try for the 8 miles but may need to turn back a bit early. See you Sunday Jx

  11. Nicki Crayfourd

    Hi, I’d like to try the 8 miles please. Nicki C

  12. I’ll be there for 8 miles, Sue

  13. Kate Danvers-Wright

    Hi, I’d like to do the shortest run please (4.5 miles?), again if anyone is able to give me a lift that would be great, I live at Seven Dials, if not will try and get there on bus or train!

  14. Yippee!! I love this run. Really behind on my Garda training so will do short run and go a bit further if leg feels ok

  15. I will be there, probably just for the 4.5 miles. Thanks

  16. Im coming for the 8-10 miles!

  17. 17 please (did I just say that?!?!) x

  18. Sounds a lovely route, 10 for me thanks

  19. I’m going to run 8 miles slowly

  20. Probably 8 miles for me although my hamstrings are really really tight after Wednesday’s session so I’m a tad worried about how they’ll be tomorrow 😦

  21. I’m coming for the 4.5 mile run with Kate 🙂

  22. I’m going to try and make the 8-10 miles x

  23. Kate, I can give you a lift call 07718318659, Helen

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