Women’s Running: Beginners & Biomechanics, Weds 27th September

Who wants to become a runner?

Want to start running, or return to running and get off on the right foot? Then don’t miss this Wednesday’s training session specifically designed for you. (please note, there will be another session for our regular runners).

Don’t worry if you have never run before, or not done so for a while, as this session will focus on techniques involving your posture, gait, and footstrike to help make your running easier and with less chance of injury.

Even if you are a regular runner who is prone to injury, this session will be a worthwhile one, helping to pinpoint weaknesses in the way your body moves, that could be resulting in injury – or that will eventually lead to injury if you do not address it now.

Start with this session to help build the foundations to becoming a strong runner, like the hundreds of women who are now regular Fitbitch runners.


What do you need to bring? Nothing except yourselves, your usual running shoes and wear something warm as there will be some standing. Also a yoga mat to lie on although we have some you can borrow.

time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or book our packages entitling you to a training plan for 10k, t-shirt and either 8 or 15 runs to be used across any Weds or Sunday. Book here

Where: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street, by King Alfred Centre where you can park.  Map here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195


14 responses to “Women’s Running: Beginners & Biomechanics, Weds 27th September

  1. Hi – I’ve been coming for a few weeks now (have been following the Rise training plan) but didn’t do this session last time around… also had never ran before I started Rise training – I feel like I should come to this session!

    • HI Kate, yes come along. some of our members who have been coming for a while still attend these because as your body gets stronger, then your biomechanics can change anyway so always very useful.

  2. Looking forward this session. Esperanza

  3. I will be there.

  4. See you there

  5. I’ll be there

  6. I will be there! X

  7. I’ll be there! Izzy X

  8. I’ll be there.

  9. I’ve not been to your training sessions before and as quite a beginner – who rather over confidently has signed up for Brighton Brooks – I think I should come along!! I don’t have a yoga mat though, can I borrow one? And can I bring my friend who hurts her leg everytime she runs? I’m really hoping you might be able to help her get it sorted. Thank you so much.

    • Yes, there will be yoga mats to borrow and please bring your friend along to the beginners session as we will be focusing on techniques involving posture, gait, and footstrike.

  10. I will be coming along to the beginners on the 27th.

  11. dreamthinkshare

    I’m coming tonight x

  12. I have missed this one but am I ok to just join next week?
    I’m a total beginner! Have just decided to do the half marathon

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