Brooks 10k, Brighton Half and Brighton Marathon for Beginners

Start now while there are still blue skies!

So, you’ve signed up for the Brighton Half or the Brighton Marathon and are beginning to feel the first twinges of nerves?

Or, more likely, you are burrowing your head in the sand and thinking you’ll start worrying about it nearer the time.

If you are a beginner, or someone returning to running after a long break, NOW is the timeto start training  if you are doing the marathon or the half. Here’s why..

1. It’s warmer, there is less rain (yes, really) and more likelihood of blue skies at this time of year. 

And that means it’s more  likely that you will feel like getting out the door to run. Wait until later in the year when it’s cold and wet, and when you have not yet felt ‘the runner’s high’ which makes you run in all weathers, and finding the motivation to start will be far harder.

2. To avoid the ‘Eeek, I’ve not started training,’ horror that hits in January

The Brighton Marathon is so far away, for most new runners it does not feel like a reality until often it’s too late. All of a sudden it is Xmas.

And even then, you’re likely to think, ‘Oh well, I may as well wait until after Christmas so I can start afresh when I’m stopped drinking.’

Then, it’s January and if you’re a beginner, or even an intermediate, that is way, way too late and will almost certainly end in injury because of the demands you will put on your body with the excessive volume of training you will need to do.

Start now, and you will be able to build gradually so it will seem achievable and your body will be ready for it.

3. It’s fun. Why put off what hundreds of Fitbitch runners do every week, not out of obligation or to adhere to some attempt to lose weight. But simply because it leaves them feeling good. (although, it does help you shape up too, which can’t be bad.)

Think about setting yourself a ‘stepping stone’ race, like the Brooks 10k which will help lay the foundations, not only of your running strength but your confidence too.

Our eight week training package starts THIS WEDNESDAY. Details here.

From there you can join our 12 weeks to Brighton Half group, or our 22 week Brighton Marathon group which starts when that group finishes.

Details, prices and booking information for these groups will be posted this week here.

Any questions, please get in touch with Rachael on 07855 742195 or email

Visit here for details of the Brooks 10k Package. Training for Brighton Half And then you won’t train because you’ll


6 responses to “Brooks 10k, Brighton Half and Brighton Marathon for Beginners

  1. I would like to attend the beginners session tomorrow


  2. Hi there!
    Have signed up for Brighton half and Marathon, so please put me down for training plans when they go out, cheers x

  3. Can I still sign up for the Brooks 10k Running Package even if it started yesterday? Is it including all the Wednesday for the next 8 weeks? Thanks, Valentina

    • Yes you can still join the package. There are 7 Wednesday runs left between now and Brooks, so you could either just pay for 7 drop ins on the night which is £5 each time (but this would exclude a training plan and t shirt) or you can pay for the package of 8 runs and come to the Sunday runs as well as split them up. There are runs every Wednesday and Sunday.

    • hi valentina
      yes, you can pay for the package on te prices and bookings page at You can use the 8 sessions whowever you like up to Brooks race, either weds or Sundya. Please bring £5 deposit for a race bracelet as proof of package purchase once you have done so

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