A run for everyone. Sunday 30th September.

FitBitch energy!

Some of you are nearing the end of your training plan and some are starting out. There’s always a goal to go for at our running club. We have distances and a mix of terrain to suit everyone from the Brooks 10k beginners, to our Rise and Garda girls. If you are amongst these groups, or out for a social run, our sessions are a fantastic and very friendly way to train. You may have heard certain names and stories of inspiration from some of our runners, so why not come along and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

What we are offering this week:

Brooks 10k beginners – 2.5/3 miles flat jog (or jog/walk, depending on ability).  The focus is on building up distance, running at your own pace and an opportunity to meet fellow Brooks 10k runners.

Rise 8k runners – 5 miles mix of flat and hills. The last run to put the mileage in before race day. You will be covering a section of the Rise run, great way to put you in the spirit for next week.

The 2 and 5 miles lead by Melanie Anning.

Garda 15k runners – 9 miles mix of flat and hills. Lead by Kate (07702983744) with Mel L as back up runner. The final long route before tapering.

Garda 30k – 13 miles mix of flat and hills. Lead by Rachael (07855742195) with Tor as back up runner. A refreshing taper run.

It is important to comment if you are joining us, or if you have any questions and we can reply or contact you back.

Meet: Asda car park Brighton Marina Village. Near the steps that take you to the undercliffs.

Time: 8.30 am

Drop in £5 for Garda Girls. New prices in effect this Sunday, £7 drop in


23 responses to “A run for everyone. Sunday 30th September.

  1. I will be there for 5 miles

  2. You know I will be there!!
    13 miles for me 🙂

  3. Will be there for the 9 miles.

  4. I’ll be there for 9 miles. thanks Jx

  5. I’ll be there for the 2.5/3 miles for Brooks 10k beginners.

    I’m not clear where the undercliffs are…are they near the sea front or the other side? Any help with directions would be much appreciated!

    Looking forward to the run 🙂

    Thanks C. x

  6. I will be there for the 9 miles. N x

  7. Kathryn Kilpatrick

    Hi I will meet for run on 30/9/12. I will text if I get lost on the day. see you sun Kathryn Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 10:19:31 +0000 To: kilpo_28@hotmail.com

  8. 9 for me please.

  9. I’m in – if I can get out of bed after a wedding (not mine). 9 miles or poss 5, hangover depending! Ax

  10. I’d like to join for the 5 miles, is anyone driving from or via 7 Dials area? Or anywhere else in central Brighton/Hove that I could get a lift from? Many thanks, Suzi (suzillamb@hotmail.com)

  11. I will be there, would like to try for about 7 so will either join 5 miles and add on at the end or 9 and turn back early, hope that makes sense!!

  12. I’ll be there for the beginners brooks although I’m not clear where the under cliffs are either. Any further directions or landmarks to look for (apart from the massive cliffs!!) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you thank you & see you tomorrow

  13. I’d like to do 13 miles please! If anyone could give me a lift from Tivoli / Droveway area that would be great 🙂 Thanks, Bel

  14. We are meeting in the Asda car park that is in Brighton Marina village. You won’t miss a group of females in lycra at 8.30am, but if you do get lost then please phone either Rachael or Kate (numbers on blog post).
    The entrance to the Undercliffs is just above our meeting point. This is also our finish for all distances. The run takes us along the undercliffs. All routes except the 2- 3 miles will turn off at Ovingdean or Saltdean and go off road. Lovely views and scenery.

  15. 13 miles please. Belinda I’ll give you a lift x

  16. I’ll be there for the 9 miles, anyone need a lift from Fiveways

  17. I’ll be there for the beginners.

  18. I’ll be there for Brooks beginners

  19. Hi I’ll be joining the 9mile group. Thanks.

  20. Forgot I’d not replied, sorry! Will be there for 13, x

  21. Hi, will be doing as Lisa B, the 5 mile and add a bit more on, not up to the 9 mile yet. Thanks

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