How did we do? Garda feedback

Fitbitches in Garda

If you were not in Lake Garda with the run club last weekend, you have no doubt heard a lot about it.

To see some pictures from the event, our sixth international since launching three years ago, check out our Facebook page here. Like what you see?Don’t worry, we are planning more next year…will it be Barcelona or Berlin, Turkey or Tallin..

As for our Garda graduates, we’d love to know what you thought of the trip, good and bad, so that we can build on our experience and make them better.

These trips are all about you and your free time, not just about achieving your running goals, and we want to make sure what we offer is the very best it can be. But we need your feedback.

Your views are really important to us so it would help us enormously if you could spend a few minutes filling in our feedback form.

It is completely anonymous, so you can be honest without fear that you will be given extra beach sprints. As if we’d ever do that!



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