Brighton Half Marathon Training, 2013 starts Weds 31st Oct

Some of our Brighton Half Marathon crew last year

NEXT WEEEK our Brighton Half Marathon training group starts.

A 16 week programme, our package includes a training plan, free FB race t-shirt, expert coaching on technique, strength and improving speed on Weds sessions, and beautiful guided runs on Sunday to help build up distance.

The packages are suitable for total beginners as well as intermediate runners.

Our first session will be on the lawns by Hove Street, adjacent to King Alfred Street and will be an introductory session where we will assess your running style, technique and biomechanics (7.30-8.30pm).

It will help you to understand the foundations of running and why getting this right is so important (if you miss this session, you can still join the group).

You can choose between paying for a half package, where you can use your sessions on Weds or Sunday. Or sign up for the full shebang and train Weds and Sunday. All those who sign for a package will be entitled to one complimentary Yoga for Runners session.

Don’t want to sign up to a package? Pay for a drop in of £5 Weds or £7 Sunday.

For package prices click here

(Those training for the Brooks 10k and planning on also doing the Half Marathon, you will have the opportunity to join this group after your race and build up on a 12 week plan).

N.B Once purchased sessions from packages must be used by Race day. They are non transferable and non refundable.

For frequently asked Questions please click here


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