Embrace the seasons run, Sun Oct 28th

Go for gold in autumn

Yippee! The clocks go back this weekend so you get an extra hour in bed before this weekend’s Sunday run. And it will be lighter in the morning.

Harness the extra endorphins on a run that embraces all that is good about the changing season with autumn leaves aplenty at Stanmer Park.

There will be three distances to choose from 4, 5 and 8miles. (And for those of our crew who are doing Spartan, there will be an extra sting in the tale at the end of the run, creating the feeling of having to work on fatigued legs- in fact, anyone who wants to take part feel free!)

And Brooks 10k runners, this remains an important building step in your journey to race day. Don’t miss it!

This route is a mix of hills, (up and down), tarmac and off road. If you have not joined us before, please feel free. All are welcome, we won’t leave you behind!



4 mile route – meet at the car park by the church Stanmer Park at 8.35am with Kate (don’t leave! You will start running when our five-mile runners pass by). Map here

5 mile route – meet car park immediately on the left as you come through the entrance with Rachael at 8.30am

8 mile route – meet car park immediately on the left (as above) with the Melissa at 8.30am

Running ambassadors: Melanie Lankester and Melanie Anning

Drop in price: £7

18 responses to “Embrace the seasons run, Sun Oct 28th

  1. I will be there with my cousin Danielle. Does anyone have 2 spaces free in their car? We live in Hove. Will be going for the 4 miles. Cheers 🙂

    • although if someone is doing the 5 mile that can give us a lift we will do that one instead. ta

    • I’m going to go for the 4 and have space. Are you on twitter? Tweet me @denhawes and I will DM you my mobile number for sorting addresses etc!!!

  2. Hi – I’ll be there for 8 miles + Spartan Sting 😉

  3. I’ll be there for the 8 mile although if I feel like I did after Tuesday’s Spartan I’m going to be running like a snail!

  4. I’ll see you guys for the 8 miles plse

  5. I will be there for the 8 miles + Spartan surprise….

  6. I’m in for 8 plus some torture!!! 😉 Jo x

  7. I’m hoping to be there for the 8 miles, although after a run today i may need to give it a miss as my foot and now outer shin is causing a bit of discomfort 😦
    I will confirm for sure Saturday!

  8. I’ll be there for the 4 miles…if anyone is going past the Level / corner of Park Crescent (or anywhere near there), could you give me a lift please? 🙂

  9. I’ll come for 8 miles & may even be a spartan for a day!


  10. 8 miles for me thanks.

  11. I will do the 5 miles, see you in the morning.

  12. Going to rest my foot from running tomorrow in the hope it will help heal it, worried if u keep ignoring it I will make it worse in the long run – hope everyone enjoys their run though

  13. I’ll do the 5 miles! See you in the morning ladies.

  14. Sorry for late reply, 8 miles please & spartan-ness!

  15. Hi I’ll be along for the 8mile run thanks.

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