Beginners & Brighton Half Marathon training group, Weds 31st Oct

Fitbitch run club will help you surpass your run goals – and have fun

If you have signed up to our Brighton Half marathon group, or you’ve been hearing about us for a while and are interested in joining, this Wednesday’s training session is the perfect time to start (if you are a regular, we have a training session for you too!)

In this session, we will assess your running style, posture, biomechanics (with video playback weather and light permitting).
The running aspect will be light and our focus will be on assessing the foundations of your running, and going through the strength and stability work essential for improving your running and helping you stay injury-free.

If you have not signed up to one of our packages (annual or event specific) you can still attend any sessions you would like for £5 on Wednesday and £7 on Sunday.

If you are coming along to this session PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we can ensure we have enough running coaches to provide the attention each runner requires.

DON’T panic if you can’t make this session. Whatever your level, you can drop in at any time to Fitbitch.

Half marathon runners who are regulars with us, you can choose to do this session or the other session that we will post. BROOKS 10K RUNNERS, please note that you will be able to transition to the Half marathon training in November (or intermediates) following a 12 week programme.

Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street and the King Alfred Centre

Parking: King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.30pm

Coaches: Rachael(and more depending on numbers)

Price: £5




14 responses to “Beginners & Brighton Half Marathon training group, Weds 31st Oct

  1. Hi Rachel, I’m going to try and come along to this session- haven’t done anything since april (!!!) and really want to get back into running…

  2. I’m going to attend this one as I’m interested in improving my running technique. Will be signing up for the 12 week half marathon training as well.

  3. Yes please! I’ll be there 🙂

  4. Me and Nikki are coming

  5. I’m going to make it for the first time!

  6. No I haven’t signed up again as was supposed to be in the states next year….not now:( But would be keen for a half- or the brighton half?! To be discussed! Jas

  7. I hope to come, bar zombie attacks!

  8. I’d like to come along to this for the first time – although I couldn’t find my skipping rope this morning……

  9. Ella Richardson

    I’m coming! Thanks, Ella

  10. I’m coming!
    Thanks, Ella

  11. I will be there, and do whatever….

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