Halloween Howler, Weds Oct 31st, 7.30pm

Train your mind to take on anything and your body will follow

For our regular runners, and those training for the Brooks 10k and Spartan Beast, get ready for a session that will work on running fast and building endurance on fatigued legs. (if you are a beginner or coming to our half marathon training please see the post below).

ONce your body is conditioned for running, adding stresses in training, relevant and specific to your event, can make all the difference.

The edge it provides is not just relevant to your body’s ability to cope with the rigours of the race. More importantly, it makes you mentally equipped to keep going and know that you’ve got the race in the bag and you can take on any challenge.

Bring your yoga mat and a skipping rope.

And if you’re up for it, bring a scary mask, or run in a Halloween outfit. We will award a prize of a Fitbitch hoodie to the runner who wears the best Halloween outfit (obviously, no cat tails or broomsticks so you don’t trip!) And obviously, you don’t HAVE to wear an outfit.


Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: TBC

Drop in: £5


5 responses to “Halloween Howler, Weds Oct 31st, 7.30pm

  1. Hi Rachael

    I’ll be coming to the beginners to half marathon session on weds.
    I’ve not decided yet which training package to sign up to, but will chat to you about this to see which is best.

    See you at the werks,

  2. I want to come! It will be my first time 🙂

  3. Hi I’m coming to the half marathon training. Laura

  4. Can’t make this weds as Trick or Treating with the kids!

  5. dreamthinkshare

    I’m coming:-)

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