Run training for Beginners, Brooks 10k & Spartan Nov 4th

Hands up who loves Sunday Run club!

Have you just joined us this week and are training for the Brighton Half, or considering it? Or are you part of our club training for the Brooks 10k or Spartan Beast.

Whatever the case, we have a training run specifically geared for you this Sunday.
Beginners – whether you are a complete newbie, or you came to our Wednesday technique session this week, this run is for you.

It’s a flat, 4mile route along the sea (with a few surprises!) to give you a chance to focus on your technique. (If you find the route too long you can turn and return at any time on your own as the route is easily navigable).Coach: Rachael with RA Elspeth Hayde

Brooks 10k runners – last week was a hilly one, so this week it is about focusing on race strategy. We will be working on pace with a flat 5mile route along the seafront. Coach: Melissa with RA Mel Lankester

Spartanor those who want to go long. Get ready for a 10mile route that will take in strength and conditioning along the route, to replicate what you could face on November 18th. Think stairs, commando crawls and hills.

Climbing up from the seafront to the Downs, get ready for some surprise conditioning all the way along the route. Coach: Kate with RA Karen Russell


Where to meet: Marrocco’s, 8 kING’S eSPLANADE, Hove seafront (Parking at King Alfred centre or pay and display on the road) – Stay for a coffee after the run if you fancy!

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7

24 responses to “Run training for Beginners, Brooks 10k & Spartan Nov 4th

  1. 10 miles for me please

  2. Hi – I’ll be there for the 10 miles, Jx

  3. Hi. I’m in for spartan run fun!

  4. I will do the 10miles please.

  5. I’ll be there for the 10 miles.

  6. I’m in for the Spartan run. x

  7. I will do 5 miles please.

  8. 10 for me please

  9. Hi, I’m in for the 5 miles. Thanks xxx

  10. I’m in for the 10 miles. Nat x

  11. Would like to come for a trial please- training for half marathon, but a beginner!

    • HI karen
      Look forward to seeing y ou there – it’s just £7 drop in and then you can decide whether you want to do a continued drop in price or choose a package

  12. I’m in for the 5 miles please, thanks. 🙂

  13. Sorry have to miss this, still in Dom Republic. Will think of you all as running along the sand, no 10 miles though as too hot and difficult to run with piña colada in hand!!! Not very spartan I know. Seriously though strangely missing you all!!

  14. Hi I’ll be there for the 4 mile – training beginer to half marathon

    Jenny Ray

  15. I’d like to do the 4 or 5 miler please, really enjoyed first time on Wednesday!

  16. I’ll be there for the 10mile!

  17. Michelle Doyle

    Hi, I’ll be there for tge 4 miler, although may turn back earlier as I have to be somewhere by 9.30!

  18. I’ll be there for five miles (hoping I can catch up on my training after being ill).

  19. im in for the 10 miler – see you there!

  20. I’ll be there for the 5 miles. See you in the morning!

  21. Will come for 10 m if my calf stops aching, Sue

  22. Hi ill be along for the 10 mile run.

  23. kathryn kilpatrick

    Hi I plan to come sat 11th Nov my one w/e off. I’ll do the 5 mile. If Im feeling fit will go further. Kathryn

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