Climb the pyramid to peak performance – Weds 7th Nov 7.30pm

Everyone loves pyramids!

Whether you’re a beginner, training for the Brooks 10k, Spartan Beast or half marathon, this fun structured session is an important element of any training programme.

Pyramids are short bursts of sprinting but don’t worry about not being fast enough for speedwork because we scale everything to your ability. And the great thing about structured sessions is that you know exactly how far you need run which helps you to control your speed. Learning to pace yourself means you’re less likely to go out too fast or slow in the Brooks 10k or half marathon.

As always, we’ll be giving you hints and tips on your technique – getting you to think about more efficient movement patterns that will use every ounce of energy to propel you forwards.

And we’ll also be training an important but often forgotten muscle – any guesses? It’s the brain! That doesn’t mean we’ll be getting you to complete the Times crossword as part of your recovery – in fact you won’t even notice that your brain and nervous system are learning to move your legs more quickly as you sprint. How easy is that!

Bring a mat too, because we’ll also do some all important core conditioning work to help support injury free running.

Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street (parking in King Alfred leisure centre)
Time 7.30pm
Coach: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in £5


10 responses to “Climb the pyramid to peak performance – Weds 7th Nov 7.30pm

  1. I’ll be there

  2. Me too 🙅

  3. I’ll be there 🙂

  4. Caroline North

    I’m coming

  5. I’m hoping to come, although will be mat-less unfortunately!

  6. Myself and my sister (Molly Kyte) will be there

  7. I will be there

  8. I will be coming too – I may also be mat -less, unless I can beg borrow or steal one today!

  9. Hi, I’ll be coming along tonight.

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