What are you missing out on?

Start your beard specific run training!

Our Christmas party is Thursday 20th December but there are limited spaces left – Book soon here

Can’t make that date? Then enter our crew taking part in the Santa Dash on Saturday 8th December and enjoy a coffee catch up after the race. It’s a brilliant race and great fun – only 5k too! And on the seafront so no excuses about not being able to get there! (or you could do this AND the Xmas party – from santa to glam).

And for all our marathon and half marathon runners, our next four-week camp starts November 26th.

So many runners fail to realise just HOW important conditioning work is to help make you more efficient and injury-free. These four-week camps will help you to bring a strong foundation upon which the rest of your training can build.

You can choose four days or book in to do three days a week but both will leave you enough time to also do your run training. Short of paying for one to one sessions, this is the best start you could get to your running training.

We will be offering a special offer to those new to our camps from our run club over on our Facebook site. And that is where the missing out bit of this title comes from!  Have you been missing out on the rest of our special offers? Better head over and friend us now at Fitbitch Boot Camp (note lower case of ‘b’)


One response to “What are you missing out on?

  1. lindsay hannigan

    I’ve joined up for the Santa Dash!

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