Good Luck to our Brooks 10k Runners

Support each other – it goes a long way

Over the last eight weeks, we have had a team of runners training for the Brooks 10k this Sunday 18th November.

Some of our runners, have been working at improving their pace, but for the majority of our team, this will be their first race.

You have all done really well with your training. Thin of Sunday as a celebration ofย  how far you’ve come. The weeks that have gone before were the hardest bit (those hills on the Downs!).

You will be nervous, it is only to be expected (and welcomed, as it does help get the adrenalin pumping, as long as you’re not THAT nervous) but you have all done the training and will reach that finish line.

Take it one step at a time, and keep in mind the incredible feeling of accomplishment you will feel on that finish line.

AS many of you know, all the Fitbitch running coaches are racing at Spartan Beast on the same day, so we can’t be there with you on the start line to help warm you up and cheer you on (but if we start in a late Spartan heat, I’ll be down there and will let you know).

In case I definitely can’t make it down, it might be nice if you meet – comment here if you want to arrange something.

And some last minute tips:

1. Sleep well beforehand

2. Hydrate well this week. You don’t need to run with a bottle.

3. Eat at least an hour and half before the race. You won’t need to eat again for this distance.

4. Get to the race with enough time to drop off your bags, go to the toilet (five times) and meet up for a warm up.

5. Do warm up. Don’t think, ‘But I’ll use up all my energy.’ Warming up will get the blood to the muscles so you don’t start the race and feel like you’ve forgotten how to run (we all feel the same, even us coaches without a race warm up).

6. Don’t rush off like a bat out of hell. We’ve worked on pace. You know what speed you can run at and for how long. Running fast at the start does not ‘put time in the bank.’ It just means you’ll get puffed out!

7. Most of all, enjoy (and please take some pictures if you can – you know us, we love a picture!)



5 responses to “Good Luck to our Brooks 10k Runners

  1. I’ll be on the start line cheering on all of the Fitbitches that I recognise..,.Rach if you get a hoody to me I can even wear that ๐Ÿ˜‰ good luck everyone x

  2. Good Luck to all Fitbitches running Brooks 10km – Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time! I’ll be there around 9.30am-ish if anyone does fancy meeting up. I’ll be wearing my Fitbitch t-shirt, running number 747 ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Oh and good luck to the hard core Spartanettes, I’m sure you’ll rock that Beast….I’m looking forward to the pictures! x

  5. Go for it brooks and spartan competitors, I’m proud of you all.

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