Did you know…

If it works for jess…

That our next four-week Jessica Ennis Ab Challenge camp starts on Monday 26th November?

If you want to improve your shape, not just for aesthetic reasons,  but to be a better conditioned runner for improved running and less injury, try our pre Xmas sister boot camp, Fitbitch Boot Camp.

We are offering a special offer this month only, and an even BETTER offer for those who have signed up to one of our running packages! (Get in touch if you have signed up to an annual deal or package deal and have not received news of the offer yet).

Here’s the details of the camp and what is involved CLICK HERE

You could even win £50 off your next camp too…but you need to read the link above to find out how.

If you can’t commit to four times a week you can book two or three-day packages and we can tell you the best ones to attend for your run conditioning.

All that running efficiency aside, you could end up with a toned torso ala Miss Ennis. Better than a mince-pie muffin top, eh?


One response to “Did you know…

  1. I don’t think I received the ‘even BETTER offer’ news. I already have signed up for 2 days a week for the Hove Lawns camp.

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