Sea and Hills, Sunday 25th November

Get your pre-run poses sorted!

For all our runners, from beginners to advanced and anyone new to Fitbitch, this training run will tick all the boxes.

Don’t be scared by the word hill, as this route is more about undulations to help our new runners learn how to cope with gradient to help build strength and technique. And it finishes with a nice flat all the way back.

If you are an advanced runner used to more miles we will be working on tempo instead this Sunday.

Tempo is just as important as putting in the miles and we will work on this during the latter section of this run.

We will be offering a 5 and a 6 mile route, in line with our training plans for the Brighton Marathon and Brighton Half.


Where: Meet Brighton Marina car park in Asda, far end near the car wash

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7

Coaches: Rachael, Kate & Melissa

RA: Karen & Mel A


15 responses to “Sea and Hills, Sunday 25th November

  1. I’ll be there for 6 miles please

  2. Yes please

  3. 6 miles for me. Will it be off road? Just want to know if I should wear my shiny new trainers!!

  4. I’ll be there for the 5 miles 🙂

    • I’ve changed my mind…I’m pondering doing the Brighton Half so I’d better get my mileage in just in case…I’m in for 6 miles 🙂

  5. I’ll be there for the 6 miles. I’ve signed up for the 12 week half marathon plan.

  6. I’ve been away for a few weeks! Hope to be there on sunday for 6 miles, otherwise i’ll be there wednesday for sure.

  7. I’ll be there, probably 6 miles rather than 5.

  8. 5 miles for me, thanks.

  9. Me too! 6 miles please.

  10. Christina Harper

    I will be there

  11. 5 miles for me please. See you tomorrow.

  12. Hi, I’ll be there for the 5miles. However I’ve never run further than 3miles and that was with breaks.

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