Opening up to the Downs, Sunday 2nd Dec

Nothing but clouds, air and gossip!

We’ve enjoyed some beautiful seafront runs and now it’s time to see the beauty of the Downs.

We will be offering a 6 and 7 mile run this Sunday, for anyone who would like to join us.

This is part of the Brighton Marathon and Half Marathon training plan,  and anyone in these groups do try to come as we will be tackling some hills which will  help to condition both your muscles and mental strength for race day.

And what better place to do it on the downs out of Stanmer Park? Here the beauty of the surrounding countryside more than makes up for the extra effort it takes to get up on top.

Don’t worry about being too slow to keep up, we have lots of running ambassadors and coaches to keep you  technique, tips and chat to keep you going!

At the end of this run, you really will feel on top of the world. (Psst, they also do a cracking breakfast at Stanmer House!)

Mince Pie 10mile runners: If you want to do a group run but need to up your distance, we would recommend you do this run and finish with 5 hills up to the treeline and back to replicate as much as possible next weekend’s race.


Location: the car park NEXT TO the church at the top of the park (drive in and follow the road round – you can’t miss it)

Price: £7

Time: 8.30am – please be prompt and arrive with the time to pay so we can get going on the dot

Coaches: Rachael, Melissa & Kate

Run ambassadors: Mel, Tor and Elspeth


23 responses to “Opening up to the Downs, Sunday 2nd Dec

  1. I’ll be there for 7 miles. Anyone around hove way able to give me a lift? Or I can meet at any pick up point. Thanks!

  2. Yes please

  3. 7 miles please

  4. I’ll be there for the 7 miles 🙂

  5. 7 miles and can give lift to 3 people from hove! Fb me if so x

    • Hiya. Can I jump in if you still have space? I’m in Brunswick square. x

      • Great give me a text on sat 07970801193 for lift. Amy
        Ps that is if my legs have returned to normal by then after weds training sesh…..!

  6. 6 miles for me

  7. 7 miles for me.

  8. I’ll be there for the 7 mile : )

  9. I won’t be there but will be back next time you start with a short distance group 🙂

  10. Found my foam roller so hope to be there for 7 miles!

  11. I will be there for the 6 mile run x

  12. I’m in. 7 miles unless my legs give way from general recent laziness.

  13. I’ll be there. 6 miles for me

  14. Hi, I’d like to but I haven’t run for a long time. Is this too soon to get into?

    • HI Kelly
      How far have you run before and when was this? I would say that you should defintely come along to the our weds session but let me know a bit more about your recent running history – if you have ont run for a while, coming along this Sunday may be too much for you.

      • Hi there, on reflection I think so too, I just like trail running so much more, but think I’d be better at going at my own pace this weekend for starters! The furthest I’ve done is 10k but that was last year… best start from scratch. Thanks and see you wed.

  15. I’ll be there – 7 slow miles pls, Jx

  16. 7 miles for me please, with extra hills for mince pie practise if I still have energy !

  17. 6 miles for me please

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