Winter warmer run, Sunday 9th Dec **7.30am start**

Fitbitch Run club, opens the way to new running achievements

Fitbitch Run club, opens the way to new running achievements



Brrrr, it’s cold. But how beautiful are your training runs right now? Blue skies, sun and crisp leaves underfoot.

If you came to our Stanmer Park run last Sunday you will know just what we are talking about. If not, then don’t miss out this weekend with our sea to Downs run.

This week’s route will start on the flat along the bottom of the cliff from the Marian to just before Rottingdean, helping to warm you up before we hit the hills.

Up over Rottingdean, the hill training will reward you with stunning views over the sea and Downs.

As ever, these sunday runs to build up your distance are essential for our half marathon and marathon group so do try to be there. sorry about the early hour! All of us coaches are providing the training workshop for the Brighton Half so we need to ensure we are back – and have eaten – beforehand.

There will be a 6.5 and 7mile run on offer. PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING, AND FOR WHICH DISTANCE.

Coaches: Rachael (TBC), Kate and Melissa

Run ambassadors: Mel A & Elspeth (7miles) & Mel Lankester (6.5)

Cost: £7

Time: 7.30am

Meet: Marina Car Park nearest Asda (we will run through the Marina along the boardwalk to the cliff path)


25 responses to “Winter warmer run, Sunday 9th Dec **7.30am start**

  1. I’m in for 7 miles please. If anyone is driving near the Level / Park Crescent and has space in their car, could I cadge a lift please? Happy to meet where convenient…

  2. Please put me down for 7, thank you!

  3. I will definitely join for the 7 miles. Nat x

  4. I’ll be there. 6.5 miles. Lindsay

  5. I am away this weekend, so won’t be able to make it.

  6. I’m running in the mince pie instead…eeek. Will bring embarrassing baby photo the following week.

  7. Sorry away this weekend but will be back next weekend!

  8. I should be there for the 6.5miles.

  9. Change of plan….Will be there for the 7 mile.

  10. Can I be a maybe on the 6.5 miles? Sorry I can’t confirm 100%, trying to reschedule something.

  11. Change of plan for me too! 7 mile please

  12. Hi, I’m a 1st timer. I’d like to do 6.5 please! Emma

  13. Can any hove peeps give me a lift can jog down to seafront by the peace statue? X

  14. I’d like to do 7 please. C.

  15. I’ll be there for 7 miles

  16. Hey does anyone have space in their car I live on batchington road but can walk to a more convenient place. Zara.

    • I can nip along and pick you up top of George st? Text if you want a lift? I would have to leave at 7.10 to grab you 07917445984 x

  17. I won’t be running today after all. Sorry about that. Another time soon though………Emma

  18. Caroline I can pick you up? You don’t seem to be getting my messages? Opposite the peace statue at 7.15? X 07917445984 if you want to text me to confirm? X

  19. Zara I can pick you up? Top of George st? 7.10? Text me to confirm 07917445984 x

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