Festive Sunday Run, Sunday Dec 16th

So pleased we did the hill sessions!

Get your Fitbitch poses out…t-shirt to the best pose!

Come and join us for our last Sunday run before our Xmas break (we will return on Weds 2nd January, with a new beginners to 10k group as well as our usual training for the Brighton Half and Full Marathon).

If you liked last week’s run, you will love this one too, which takes in the beauty of the Downs.

There will be a 6.5miles and 8miles, just a little under that which is on the training plan for some. But do not fear, there are some hills which will compensate.

And don’t panic, there are some lovely flat parts to as it winds down through the Downs.

This is a new route so even if you’re one of our regular runners, this is a newbie and it’s lovely.



Remember this is the last one before XMas and New year. Our dedicated training groups can meet each other for runs by posting on our closed training group Facebook pages.

For everyone else, please Like our usual Facebook page if you have not done so already and you can communicate here. If you end up being our 350th like, you’ll even get a complimentary 7am Hove camp in January.


6.5miles PLEASE meet on the SECOND CAR PARK past the fork on Devil’s Dyke Road

8miles PLEASE MEET the FIRST car park just past the fork on Devil’s Dyke Road

Price: £7

Time: 8.30am

Coaches: Rachael (TBC), Kate and Melissa

Run Ambassadors: Tor, Elspeth & Melanie Anning



22 responses to “Festive Sunday Run, Sunday Dec 16th

  1. I’m away this weekend so can’t join…will be searching out a good off-road run in hilly Yorkshire though! Have a good Christmas & New Year everyone, hopefully see some of you for runs and the Xmas party next week 🙂

  2. I shall be there, for 6.5 miles.

  3. I’m coming on the 6.5 mile. I have a car and come from Lewes Road area if anyone wants a lift x email me x

  4. I will be there for 8 miles please.

  5. I’d love to do the 8 miles but not sure where to meet and don’t have a car. I live near the peace statue if anyone’s able to offer a lift please! Thanks Cx

  6. I’ll be there for the 8miles. If anyone has space in their car please let me know. I’m in Brunswick sq.. also near the peace statue 🙂 ta x

    • Hi lucy, we could taxi together otherwise….

      • Happy to share a taxi too..

      • Hey. Didn’t realise but my boyfriend has the car so he said he can fit me + two in there. Only thing is he is on his way home after that so we wont have a lift back. So if Caroline and Suzy want to meet at brunswick square we can go from there. Where do you live Suzy? We are not 100% on the meeting place but we can get to devils dyke road and keep an eye out for it. Lucy x

      • meet at brunswick square at 8am? can pick Suzy up if you are close by x

    • txt me if you are meeting us 07906890204

  7. 8 miles for me please

  8. Hi – I’ll be there for 8 miles. Thanks Jx

  9. I will be there for the 8 miles please x

  10. I’ll be there for 8 miles.

  11. I am going to attempt 6.5 miles (bit behind mileage due to calfs), but they seemed to be ok after Santa Dash!

  12. Me too. Can’t decide which distance though!

  13. I’ll be there for 8 miles!

  14. 8 miles for me pls!!

  15. 8 miles for me

  16. I’m in for 8 miles. And I’ll bring my ‘angel of the 70s’ pic..! X

  17. I’ll be there for the 6.5 miles.

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