Fartlek fun – Training Wednesday 2nd January

Let us help make 2013 your best running year yet

Come and get your year off to a healthy start with some interval training. This is a great introduction to speedwork for beginners but also a key part of your plan for those of you starting the Birling 10k, the Brighton half or full marathon.

Fartlek means ‘speedplay’ and is a less structured (less scary!) way to do speedwork. Forget the measuring tape and stopwatch, Fartlek is a fun and simple way of incorporating speedwork into your training as you run fast between two landmarks such as lamp posts.

And to make sure we start the New Year with a fitbitch bang (not to mention to burn off the mince pies and champagne…….), there will be an extra twist at the end of the session.


Meet: Life guard hut by Hove Street
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Trainer: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in £5


21 responses to “Fartlek fun – Training Wednesday 2nd January

  1. I’ll be there – Happy New Year to everyone!!! x

  2. Me too, probably still hungover from tonight’s fun and games!!! Happy New Year xx

  3. Hi I’m coming Thanks Karen

    Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:08:03 +0000 To: jamieson_k@hotmail.co.uk

  4. I’ll be there 🙂

  5. I’ll be there. Happy new year everyone. Els x

  6. I’ll be there, though no need to burn off mince pies and champagne as Norovirus over Christmas stopped that!!

  7. I will be there too x

  8. I’ll be there

  9. Happy New Year! See you there!

  10. Rachel Cashman

    Hi, I would like to come along but have never been to any FitBitch classes before. Look forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

  11. Want to start again after injury Melissa so if ok will come and take it slowly….. Have really missed it.

  12. Looking forward to dropping in Tom night
    (complete beginner)

  13. i’ll be there (beginner training for the half marathon and very behind!)

  14. carmurphy@gmail.com

    I’ll be there!
    Carol 🙂

  15. I’m in xt

  16. Karen Russell

    Hi , yes I’ll be there .

  17. See you there. Happy New Year.

  18. i’ll be there! x

  19. Don’t think ankle quite up for it… Will do 1 min sessions to strengthen and join you in a week or so.Happy new year x

  20. See you there, happy new year!

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