Runner’s Catch up Course, Starts this Sunday Jan 6th

Jump, smile and run.

Jump, smile and run.


Due to popular request, and due to what we are hearing from many runners, we are going to put on a special ‘catch up’ runners course.

It will be a four-week Sunday run course that will start at 5mile and build to 8miles. STARTS SUNDAY 6TH jANUARY, ENDS 27TH jANUARY

It is suitable for the following:

  • Marathon and Half Marathon runners who are behind on their training and need to catch up in a group environment and gain confidence with their long runs
  • Runners who are just returning from injury but have a good base level of fitness and do not need to start from zero
  • Social runners who are not training for anything but would like to run in a group on some of Fitbitch run club’s glorious routes.

The course costs 40 pounds and must be paid for in advance online here. Drop ins at 10 per Sunday run will ONLY be available if there is sufficient space. We are only accepting 20 runners maximum on this course t provide sufficient coaching and motivational support.

For details of the routes, meeting points etc, you must sign up to this blog and you will receive an email direct to your inbox with all the necessary details.


3 responses to “Runner’s Catch up Course, Starts this Sunday Jan 6th

  1. Excellent, have just signed up!

  2. Can’t make it tomorrow, have fun

  3. Rachel Cashman

    Hi thanks to Kate and the team this morning loved the catch up run. I was planning to drop in but have signed up for the full four week course. Look forward to seeing you all next week. Rachel

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