Wednesday 9th January – build up strength as a runner.

A strong runner doesn't only train on their feet.

A strong runner doesn’t only train on their feet.

Injury can cause havoc with your training if you do not train safely and effectively. To help prevent this, incorporate strength and conditioning work into your regime. The session will feature exercises that will:

  • Work on glute strength, proprioception and balance to get the glutes firing well and improve running performance.
  • Help to balance out quad and hamstring muscles.
  • Build strength in calves, glutes and thigh muscles. This will help reduce heel striking (stronger calves) and improve knee tracking.
  • Increase strength in hip muscles to prevent hips dropping.
  • Build up on core strength.

Don’t wait until injury has crept up on you – keep your body strong and conditioned so you can improve rather than rehabilitate. Full and half marathon runners, make sure you get some strength and training in before your mileage increases. New to running? Build up on your strength from the very beginning.

Location: Hove Promenade, bottom of Hove Street next to the lifeguard hut.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Time: 7:30pm

Drop in £5



23 responses to “Wednesday 9th January – build up strength as a runner.

  1. Me and my glutes are in!

  2. I’ll be there 🙂

  3. Looks tough but i’ll be there!

  4. I’ll be there

  5. I will be there

  6. Yes please… I’ll be there.

  7. Hi there – I’ll be there. I was wondering whether this was included in my Marathon package – I know it covers 22 runs but I thought you could choose between the runs and the training sessions or a mix of both is that right? Do I just count how many sessions I have been to? Thanks!

    • Hi Natasha
      This session is included in your package. It’s only the additional courses that we run that are not. See you tomorrow.

  8. Karen Russell

    Thanks i’ll be there !

  9. Elspeth Hayde

    I’ll be there

  10. Me too 🐹amy

  11. I’m coming!

  12. I’ll be there

  13. Rachel Cashman

    Brilliant, I will be there – bring it on… I think….

  14. Will be there

  15. I’ll be there too x

  16. Count me in!

  17. I will be coming, double whammy on the hip muscles today!

  18. I am coming tonight

  19. Sorry Kate I’m practically falling asleep on my feet today, I think I’ll need to give tonight a miss, but will be there at Dukes Mound tomorrow morning, hopefully refreshed!? x

  20. Count me in!

  21. lindsay hannigan

    Hi Rachel I’dlike to do the first two weeks of Hove Lawns 6am, if a place comes free.   Am REALLY loving the morning SOS sessions.     thanks   Lindsay


  22. I’ll be there tonight. See you later!

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