Sunday social – 13th January

Running together helps you achieve your goals

It’ll be a chance to catch up with everyone this Sunday as we all head out together from Brighton Marina and work towards achieving your training goals.

Half marathon group- 11 miles

You’ll be starting with a nice flat run from Brighton Marina to Saltdean, before heading up into the Downs for a beautiful off-road route back through Rottingdean and Ovingdean. NOTE: You’ll run back past the marina for half a mile to Peter Pan’s playground to ensure you cover 11 miles.

Coach Kate 07702 983744
R/A Elspeth

Full marathon group – 10 miles

You’ll do the same route as the half marathon group – except you will finish at the Marina and won’t need to do the extra mile at the end.

Coach: Kate 07702 983744

R/A Middle runner Karen Russell. Back up runner Tor.

Catch up course  – 6 miles.

You’ll be running with the other groups, heading out from Brighton Marina, but you’ll turn back at Saltdean lido – so it’s a nice and simple, fairly flat out and back route.

Coach Melissa 07894146016. R/A Mel Anning. The drop in fee is £10 for the ‘Catch up Course’ due to this being a specific course.

PLEASE NOTE: As the runs increase in length each week, so too are the number of turns. Although we do stop at major turns, it’s easy to miss it or lose your way when you are chatting, or when visibility is poor. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR COACH OR RUNNING AMBASSADOR. If you lose sight of either, remember that you can always rest and wait for the running ambassador at the back to catch up, or challenge yourself to catch up with the runner in front.

Location: Brighton marina – car park in front of asda.

Drop in: £7 – For our normal Sunday training and £10 for our ‘Catch up Course’.

Time: 8.30am


19 responses to “Sunday social – 13th January

  1. Kathy greenwood

    Hi Kate I’ll be there on Sunday thanks kathy

  2. Is anyone able to give me a lift to the marina on Sunday? 07946406246

  3. I will be there. Can do lift from Hove.

  4. I’m in!

  5. I’m in! Can give lifts from around the level and London road x

  6. I’m there for the 11.

  7. 10 for me please!

  8. I’m coming for the 11 miles, thanks

  9. I am going to try for the 10 miles

  10. I’m coming for the 11 miles.

  11. I’ll be there, lift for Gayle sorted x

  12. I’m there for 11 miles. Thanks

  13. Rachel Cashman

    I will be there for the catch up run

  14. Hi, I’ll come for 10 miles if that’s ok. I’ve not been out with your group before but hopefully I’ll be ok….see you in the morning.

  15. Hi, I’d like to do the 11 please. Will wrap up warm!

  16. I’ll be there for the 11 mile x

  17. hi me too…11…amy

  18. Did anyone find a running glove in the carpark after the run? I think I may have dropped one. Thanks carla

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