The Beacon run and the Catch up Course. Sunday 20th January

Don't be fooled - it's not all this level!

Don’t be fooled – it’s not all this level!

As with last week all our runners are starting out together. Meeting at Stanmer park then everyone is heading (ahem) up to Ditchling Beacon. They’ll be no stopping for ice-creams once you’re there though. Not in January anyway. This does start out slightly challenging. I can hear you ask ‘what’s new!’ The last part of the run is a decline and the views make it all worthwhile, even on the ascent. This is the same day that Fitbitch founder Rachael is running the Mumbai marathon and may have completed it before we set out. That’s one way to gear us on.

Half and Full marathon – the distances are 11 and 12 miles, which will take you  west from the Beacon before heading down past the Chattri and back towards Stanmer. The 12 milers will need to add on that extra mile in Stanmer woods at the end of the 11 mile run.

Catch up Course – You are all now more conditioned as a runner and are ready to take on the South Down hills. This requires more muscle recruitment and takes less impact on the joints. So don’t be put off by the H word. When you get to Ditchling Beacon you’ll then take a downhill back to Stanmer and through the woods. Stunning scenery for a 7 mile route.

MEET: The A27 entrance to Stanmer, parking is either the left or right side car parks and we will meet by the two houses at the entrance. Please comment if lifts are needed. Bring extra layers for the post run stretch!

11/12 mile coach: Melissa 07894 146016. Running Ambassadors: Karen and Elspeth. Drop in:£7

Catch up Course coach: Kate 07702983744. Running Ambassador: Mel L. Drop in: £10

TIME: 8:30am.


39 responses to “The Beacon run and the Catch up Course. Sunday 20th January

  1. Count me in for the long run please. I’m coming from Brighton seafront, if anyone needs a lift from that area, let me know as I have space for 2 more x

    • Hi, any chance of a lift tomorrow for the run? I live close to the peace statue but can easily get somewhere else if that works for you? Caroline

  2. Have fun ladies, I shall be in Mumbai enjoying the sunshine and watching Rachael cross the finish line!! I might even have an ice cream 😉

  3. I will be there and can give lifts from hove.

    • Shirley Waldron

      Hi Carla, which distance are you running? I live in 2nd avenue and was planning on doing the 7-mile catch-up. Could I get a lift with you? Shirley

  4. I’ll be there for the 11 miles. Can give lifts from London Road/The Level area x

  5. I’m in for 11 miles.

  6. Will be there for 11 miles, wrap up warm ladies!

  7. Will (hopefully) be there for the 12 miles… depending on the recovery of my sore knee!

  8. I’ll be there for 12 miles. Coming from Hove if people need lifts.


  9. Err I need a lift please? xx

  10. Hove near the seafront ish xx

  11. I’ll be there for the 12 miles 🙂

    Jenny – could I grab a lift please? Will you be going along Lewes Road to get there? I could be on the corner of Park Crescent on Lewes Road if that works? 07949 556000

  12. I’ll be there for 11 x

  13. Will be there for the 12

  14. Felicity Alder

    Hi there! I’m new to the group but am currently training for the Brighton half…can I join the 11mile run?!

  15. Hi – I’ll be there for 11 miles (snow permitting). Jx

  16. Tentative yes to 11!

  17. Will attempt 11, feeling nervous…

  18. Hopefully be there for 11, weather permitting!!

  19. I will be there!

  20. Is this still on tomorrow?

  21. i’m there for the catch up 7 miles – if its still on?

    • The run is still on for Sunday. I’m going running over Stanmer this afternoon, so I’ll get an idea of conditions. Keep checking the blog though for any updates. – Kate

  22. Rachel Cashman

    Hi i will be there but would need a lift if anyone has space in their car? I am at 7 dials but can meet hove etc mobile is 07779717795 thanks Rachel

  23. I’d like to do the 12 please.

  24. Hi Kate – just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to make it in the morning – wimping out in the face of forecast of snow falling in the morning… Stay safe all and enjoy! Jx

  25. Hi . Would like to come along for the first time if that’s ok , weather permitting obviously. If possible a lift from old steine or the level would be fab . Thankyou ! Louisa

  26. Looking for a lift from somewhere along the sea front if poss. I’m on 07771601916. Many thanks!

  27. Kate I have sent you Melissa and the RA’s an e mail can you confirm you have read please? X

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