The plan for tomorrow (unless conditions on the roads prevent us driving) is to still meet at 8:30am at Stanmer Park. I did a test run today and it was fine, it was also the most picturesque run I think I’ve done in ten years of running. No ice as yet but some powdery snow in places. However due to a predicted snowfall it will be safer to keep within the boundaries of Stanmer. Also the run may be cut shorter so people are not out on the Downs for over two hours and within easy distance back to the car park in case a quick get away is needed, to prevent cars being stranded.  You will still get a great work out in and even if the distance falls short of your training plan, you will be okay to pick up the distance next week. It’s more challenging running in the snow and up hill! Some of the hills we’ll be running up had people sledging down today. So they’re fairly steep ones.

Hope to see you tomorrow – call Kate if any concerns on 07702983744



  1. Shirley Waldron

    Wish I’d done it now! Chickened out when I got up to SP and it was already snowing… didn’t know how the weather would develop. What was it like?

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