Rottingdean run – Sunday 27th January


Every run is an adventure!

Half and Full marathon –11 and 13 miles You get to experience a beautiful long run as you go up into the Downs past Telscombe and along the River Ouse. Those of you doing 11 miles will not run quite as far along the river before heading back through Saltdean.

Catch up Course – 8 miles. As previous weeks, we will all run together to begin but you’ll turn back before you reach the river, which means you get to enjoy the scenery and benefit from group training and running off road too.

MEET: Tesco carpark, Rottingdean. You will need to pay for parking (it’s not very much). Please comment if lifts are needed. Bring extra layers for the post run stretch!

11/13 mile coach: Kate 07702983744. Running Ambassadors: Tor and Karen. Drop in: £7

Catch up Course coach: Melissa 07894 146016. Running Ambassador: Mel Anning. Drop in: £10

TIME: 8:30am.


24 responses to “Rottingdean run – Sunday 27th January

  1. See you there for 13 miles.

  2. I will do the 13 miles

  3. I’ll be there for the 13 miles (very excited about my first 13 miles!) x 🙂

  4. I am in for 13 please

  5. hopefully up for the 13 if my body agrees!!

  6. Is it 13 for the halfers??? Lawks! Me I suppose! Amy

  7. I’m in for the 11 miles. Can give lifts from London road/the level area 07 511 548 931 x

  8. 11 miles for me please

  9. 11 miles for me

  10. Coming back from injury I am a little behind on the training plan so would like to join the 8 mile catch up run please.

  11. Can’t make it this week as skiing, hope you won’t be! Have fun! C.

  12. I’m there for the 8 miles – can anyone give me a lift in?
    I’m at First Ave, Hove but can bike somewhere locally to meet you.thanks..07506 143370

  13. I will be there too x

  14. I’m in! 13 miles (eek).
    welcome back Suzi!!

  15. I’m there for the 13 miles.

  16. Hi, I’d like to join the 8 miles please, 1st time for me. Could anyone give me a lift from 7 Dials or thereabouts? Thanks. Emma 07881 825219

  17. Hi I am a bit behind from injury so 8 mile catch up will be great please. Sam

  18. Rachel Cashman

    I would love to do the 8 miles but also have no transport. I am at 7 dials and my mobile is 07779717795 would be really grateful for a lift or if a few of us in same location contribute to taxi there… Let me know and hope to see you all tomorrow Rachel

  19. Shirley Waldron

    8 mile catch-up run for me, please. Shirley

  20. Going to have to give it a miss, my knee’s still hurting. Have a good one!

  21. I’ll be there for the 13 miles. Sorry about the late notice!

  22. Morning Kate I have emailed you but Suzi is poorly and has cancelled and I now don’t have a lift can you confirm if you need me this morning? X

  23. Ps don’t seem to have your number x

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